REVIEW – Matt Stylee Low Fat Cashmere Cushion

Matt Stylee Low Fat Cashmere Cushion

Okie Dokie I bought this “thing” when I ran out of volumising mousse and needed something to put in it. I don’t know why but I always try something different even though I know there are things that I like! i think its the grass is always greener approach. Or the fact that I review things and if I used the same things over and over I would run out…Anyway,  being a massive fan of Lee Stafford I decided to try this as it was new-ish (and I have tried everything else…oops.) However as low-fat as this is.. to me its non-fat.

I tried this about a 100 times I could never get it to work for me until I just plain gave up. No matter how little or a lot I put in this left my hair flat as a pancake I think it’s just too heavy for my hair I got more volume in my hair without it! It very sticky on your hands and doesn’t slide through the hair very well because the formula is so thick. It didn’t give me crunchy hair which is the only plus I can give it but this didn’t do anything for me at all. Even if it just conditioned or made my hair easier to style or brush I could have at least used it for something, as it stands this got thrown out. I have never really felt I have wasted money on most products because they usually have something good about it that I can make use out of, but this is expensive at £10 and I feel like I was robbed. Such a disappointment from Lee Stafford but I find their volumsing products let me down which is a shame really as I do love that brand otherwise.

0/5 – I tried to think of something nice, I just can’t.

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