Mr Sandman Bring Me A Dream…


As cute as this picture is, its bloody annoying when its hungry! Tovey last night had to be starved from 7pm last night because right now he is at the vets having his peanuts lopped off! He was NOT happy about not getting fed! He always leaves his biscuits for snacking and wouldn’t stop wowing ALL night. I have mega dark circles now! Thing is though you can’t stay too mad at him long because he does cute things like this.

That there is his favourite spot now. He looks out ton the skylight watching the birds….Quacking. Yes you heard me. QUACKING. Like a duck. Ironically at geese. It’s SO weird hearing him quack quietly at ducks, when he’s such a meowing cat! Its like he’s trying to communicate it them! Little freak.


Ohh went to see the breaking dawn film this week! I love the twilight films and books I don’t care who knows! This film was really good, its goes from quite romantic and steamy to really gross quite quickly though, it was more gory than some horror films I’ve seen! Every girl is watching it through their fingers, its like when guys see another guy get kicked in the balls… it’s too painful to watch! Ryan really enjoyed it too and wants to go see it again. To me though this is the first half of the book I speed read through to get the second part! I was like that in the film I just want to see the best bits! (Trying really hard not to drop any spoilers in this for people who haven’t read the books or seen the film!) Go read the books now then see the films!

awesome photo of a traveller

Here is one of my fave pics at the minute  because I’m SO jealous of it! Ryan’s brother Wes and his fiancée Charlotte have surprised everyone by coming home for christmas after being gone for 5 months travelling all over asia. They saved up for about 6 months and backpacked their way across Asia to Australia and sprang a huge surprise on their parents when they turned up on the doorstep! Ryan and I got a little heads up so we knew to turn up at their parents house just after (as to not ruin the surprise, “why you here?” and replying “Oh you know…because”) and here about all the travelling stories, from the mad people they met, to cuddling tiger cubs. They have done so much in such a short space of time, it’s hard not to feel humdrum in comparison. I would love to just up and travel like that, I don’t me doing that though, I like my home comforts and I’m settled, I think me and Ryan and the holidayer types just to take a trip once a year to somewhere different and spread it over a lifetime.  Having said that we do have disagreements on where we would both want to go, I would love to go to Japan but Ryan doesn’t and thinks it will be too weird. Yeah, weirdly cool! Anyways I went to Barcelona even though i didn’t fancy it and I really enjoyed myself so next time we’re going where I want to go! (Mwhaahaha)  Having thought about it though we haven’t had a holiday this year but that’s because I had my last year at uni and haven’t had much money, In the New year though I definitely want to go somewhere. Theres nothing like hearing someones adventures that gives you the itch to travel.

Anyway the only travelling I am going to be doing today is picking up a very grumpy kitten and going to work (don’t feel too sorry for me its only for 3 hours) and maybe back to bed…zzzzz

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