My Hair Throughout the Years…


Okie Dokie, now everyone at one point has read one of these in gossip mags where they take a celebrity and show their numerous hairstyles throughout the years, now I have had my hair nearly every which way so I thought I would join in and do one for myself!

bex old pics 019

2004 The Tween years…

Ahh this was how my hair was before I attacked it with hair dyes! You may be surprised that its sorta blonde, I had one of them hair colours that’s sort of mousey light brown but as soon as it gets outside it bleaches dead easy. Obviously the days before straighteners as I have frizzy bits, I look sort of sick here, well it’s because I am. I get sea sick and this was taken on a ferry to Cairo, ruined the whole trip. Doesn’t explain where my eyebrows have gone though!


2005 Sixth Form Starter

Ahh just starting sixth form here, dyed my hair brown for the first time ever and it was also super long. not really any kind of style to it though. (where did that tan come from?) Don’t really like this picture I look older than I do now!


2005 Holidaying before back to A Levels

Not sure how I went back to blonde really, After the brown I just didn’t bother dyeing it again for like a year, and this hair style was my first ever trip to the hairdressers and she only put highlights through my hair. Dye must have just completely come out! I’m very tired and hot here… not a good look! This is my mums favourite hair style on me, I’m not sure though because my hair was razored so thin and i have fine hair already! I couldn’t have it any other way except flicked out because it looked like my hair was falling out! Frazzled the ends like crazy too.


2006 Uni BEGINS!

Before I went to uni I went to the hairdressers and had this done, just a long bob really with a side swept fringe. This was the easiest style to manage and I only had it like this for about 2 months. I did quite like it like this really.


2006 Don’t get you hair cut on Halloween

It’s cursed! I had a hair cut by “top hair dresser of Scotland, five years in a row” and she BUTCHERED my hair. There are no photos of this I had to get it fixed within 24 hours… After that well I had no hair. I had a very short pixie cut and there aren’t many pictures of it because I hated my hair SO much.


2007 feeling like a girl again

By the time my hair grew out a bit I could have it styled like this. I finally felt like I looked like a girl again! The pic isn’t very good but it got flicked out but was still very short.


2007 getting adventerous

Here my hairdresser started to love my hair because I would just let her do what she wanted with it. My mum HATED this colour and style. My friends however loved it. It was platinum blonde and kind of like Beiber hair (this was before that curse was laid upon the world) I really liked this too it was really cool!


2007 this is what happens when your mum hates you hair…

This is when the cut had grown out for about a month or so so it looks nicer now but its was really short and blunt on the shorter side and I hated it. My mum made me go to the hairdressers because she hated the previous style! She even paid for it. At this point I was so fed up with short hair and I just wanted to let it grow…


2008 wedding bells are ringing…

As you can tell this is a wedding and I feel like a freak because I am the tallest sibling (yes all the girls in gold are all my sisters) My hair was dyed brown at this point because i had it in pony tails and was just trying to grow it, by this point my hair was just long enough to be a bob but had a LOT of layers in it.


2008 Paris

this is how it grew out slowly but surely, sort of ginger here but my hair has a lot of red undertones in it, you couldn’t see it so much when it was blonde but as a brunette it comes out a lot!



After ages of growing it out it got to my shoulder and then i cut it. AGAIN! I have no idea what came over me! What I actually wanted was how Nicola Roberts had her hair short, but the hair dresser went to far and I couldn’t even curl it! Had to sit it out and wait for it to grow again! Also yeah its red here…

2009 visiting the rents…

Here I went for LIGHT BROWN but it went nearly black! Err its way too dark! I hated this I couldn’t wait for it to wash out!



Ahh my ginger times! I really wanted red hair so badly and i was sick of it looking ginger when it was brown anyway and just went for it! However when during it ginger it always just goes red! On the plus side though my hair is growing… Also do you like my 3d glasses?


2011 dip dyed

Finally I can call my hair long! Its blonder on the ends and dark at the roots, really liked this style I may try it again in the summer!


2011 Long and curly

I have gone this year backward and forwards from straight to curly! I am currently having it curly again after a straight month, I am trying so hard to grow to all out. I have wanted long hair for so long now and I’m nearly there, and this time I won’t ruin it with a bob!

Phew! That was a long one huh? My hair has been through quite a lot really hasn’t it? I think I should it down now though, I’ve had enough hair drama to last a lifetime!

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4 thoughts on “My Hair Throughout the Years…

  1. Hi,
    Loving this blog post! You’ve been so experimental – very brave! I have long blonde hair & had it cut short once but hated it so amliving in fear of ever having it short again!
    Quick question… How do u get ur hair to look so full & volumised? X

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