REVIEW – Tangle Teezer Compact (Black and Gold)


Ahh This has been such a god send lately! Weirdly though I have had this for about a year now but its only lately that its been moved from my handbag to my living room as I have a greater need for it at home (it also means I need another one boo!)

I think I am going to invest in the big one next time, (or again anyone want to get it me for christmas? Ryan has me on a shopping ban except to buy for other people, I don’t have any money anyway!) You see I bought this one after I lost all my mini hair brushes (I think elves took them) but my hair was just past my shoulders so I needed something that wasn’t going to pull all my hair out! It was a bit of a shock for Ryan that I went in intending on getting a 99p mini brush and left with a £10 product! (it took a lot of convincing to let me spend that much on a bag brush, he just didn’t understand) Even though I didn’t intend on buying it, it was well worth the money! This product promises to brush your hair in a pain-free way, I was a little dubious myself if this would actually work… see my hair is very fine so it gets blown every which way in the wind so as you can imagine, it hurts like hell when it comes to brushing the knots out. (On this subject, NEVER drive in a car with the roof down, you may look good driving it but you never look good when you’re in tears, head upside down trying to drag a brush through that mess! Learn from Bridget Jones!) This one is quite a bit smaller than the normal pink one and has a lid on it so you don’t get bag-bits in it which I approve of! ( lots of bag-bits in mine!) Plus I haven’t lost the lid, you have no idea what an achievement that is for me, I lose everything! Anyway I love using this when my hair is super knotty when your out because it literally goes through your hair dead quickly and takes the knots out with it, (without the painful faces!) It’s supposed to leave your hair shiny, well its does but it also takes the volume out of my hair so I find myself ragging my fingers through it so it’s not shiny anymore! Oh well… It really has been a life saver for my hair because it stops me pulling the whole thing out! It’s really helped my hair loads when its been knotty, its supposed to be really good for hair extensions, but I wouldn’t know about that because I never had any and probs never will. I’ll rock it long, I’ll rock it short (I’ll rock it with a knife and fork! Sorry I had too).

So this was a perfect addition to my bag, but alas, its not there anymore. I don’t know about anyone else, but my hair is now getting a bit long now (yey!)  and its at that length where I need to brush it more than twice a day. I can brush it, be inside all day, not lay down at all, and by the end of the day I will have a massive knot at the back of my head. Where is it coming from?! Anyway so this is why I need a big pink one to keep at home so mine can go back where it belongs!

4/5  – Great at undoing your knots, Takes a little volume out of your hair but nothing you can’t fix by rubbing your roots!

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW – Tangle Teezer Compact (Black and Gold)

  1. I love my big pink tangle teezer! Total lifesaver, i never understand what people were going on about until i got mine! I put my head upside and brush my hair that way ang it gives me a lot of volume, same effect for my mum so maybe you should give the upside down thing a go? I got a leaflet with my brush and it advised me to do that!

  2. I have the Feline printed tangle teezer compact styler. I ordered it straight from the website because I knew they didn’t sell that design anywhere else. It works perfectly, and I have fine hair, waist long, and its alot of hair though. I defenetly keep the original sized one in my house so i can brush the knots out quicker, but this size is perfect for on the go, because now that your hair has got longer I think we can agree that woman with long hair have to brush CONSTANTLY or they get those nasty bird nest knots you got in the back of your head.. beauty comes at a cost.

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