REVIEW – Lee Stafford Poker Straight Superhero Straighteners

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Superhero Straighteners

You know what? I was looking for something to review ages ago to make up a list and I saw my straighteners and I was like ‘Oh yeah!” Never even occurred to me. Such a staple item too! I use this so much!

As every girl in the UK I have owned GHD’s at one point or another but in true GHD fashion they erm… Blew up. Well not blew up one pair has lots of exposed wires… and another the plate kept falling out and it pulled my hair badly! (I hate straighteners that do this) well at the time I didn’t have £100 to spare at the time and a very handy half price electrical voucher from Boots I went-a-shopping! I came back with this pair of straighteners from Lee Stafford and nabbed them for about £30. Needless to say I was proper chuffed (woah, went REALLY northern there) with my purchase and I couldn’t wait to try them. I have had them for nearly a year now and I never regretted this purchase!

First of all when using this it has a super long wire if plugs are a problem (they used to be for me) so I really liked that, has an on/off switch and a heat adjustment setting on it. It takes about 30 seconds to heat up fully (I always have it on the highest as my hair its naturally frizzy). What i love about this though is… I don’t pull my hair with it. My super fine hair always manages on every other brand to wrap itself inside the plates and it pulls my hair out. To a point if I’m in a stressy mood I could need up in floods oaf tears screaming at it. (Very rare that I get that stressed about an inanimate object but we have all done it right?) So that’s brilliant and after a year I have had no problem with it whatsoever! The plates don’t get that nasty hair gunk on them, it leaves my hair really straight and shiny without burning it. Absolute win for me. If these ever bite the dust (knock on wood… or Ryan’s head! Mwahaha) I will buy them again! Although thinking about it if anyone wants these straighteners now you will have to hint at a loved one and get them for christmas now! Opps.

5/5 – I prefer these to GHD’s! (ohh thats rhymes!)

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One thought on “REVIEW – Lee Stafford Poker Straight Superhero Straighteners

  1. that’t pretty cool. I’ve had my current straightener for over a year and I am looking for a replacement, but don’t like spending over 100 on something like the CHI. Do you think they might have them in stores in the states? My hair is the same way, thick, curly, frizzy, but a bit coarse, like a horses mane.

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