REVIEW – BodyShop Blackhead Remover Tool

Bodyshop blackhead tool

Okie Dokie, it seems when it comes to blackheads you can use the strips, do a regular blackhead removal mask every week but there is just always some left over at the end of it! It’s a pain really, they’re so stubborn!

I bought this cheap little tool at body shop for £3, I was quite surprised really I was expecting it to be more expensive from Bodyshop as these types of tools usually are everywhere else (Tweezerman is a tenner!) So from Bodyshop it’s actually great value (I can find Bodyshop seem to go very cheap or quite expensive). I bought this in a haul back in August and I only got around to rev wing it now! (Ommmm!) I got this just because I needed to get at stubborn blackheads and clean out pores (you know when you look clogged but aren’t blackheads yet?). It’s a double ended on, one more oval and sharp and the other round and wired to cover all you spot and blackhead needs. I always do this after my blackhead removal mask (review click here) and washed my face with a steaming hot cloth so when I can pick off the left overs and my pores are nice and loose.

This is a great tool I can’t believe it took me so long to get one! It picks them off by cradling the tool on top of the blackhead to push it gently out and it works every time. Its well made and doesn’t bend the tool at all. I use this about once a week, and it doesn’t aggravate the skin at all and you don’t end up ripping your top layer of skin off or little Whitehead’s the next day (that happens so often when picking with your fingers…) This is a must have for everyone (yes even you boys, I’m sick of looking at your noses…) Together, we can beat blackheads!

5/5 – A must have and unbelievably cheap!

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW – BodyShop Blackhead Remover Tool

  1. Oh man, i used to have one of these! I lost it and need one back, squeezing the is just too painful! I need a decent mask too, going to pop over and take a look at your blackhead mask. Mine arent so bad but they could be better!
    Hope you have a great weekend

  2. Did my earlier comment work? I cant see it 😦
    I basically said my skin isnt too bad but it could be better! I need one of these! i used to have one and i lost it 😦 sad!
    Hope you have a great sunday

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