Confessions of a Closet Gamer….


So whats the dealio? I haven’t really been up to an awful lot this week… and I blame Skyrim! I must admit something to you all… I am somewhat of a gamer. Most people (mainly guys) are surprised by this because and I quote “I don’t look like a gamer” I have no idea what they mean by that…. Anyways I picked up the habit when I worked at Game. I have always liked my RPG’s (Role Playing Games) starting with The Sims but lots of girls play them, then Ryan bought Oblivion and never played it and I started it when I was bored… Then it all took off from there!

Oblivion got me PROPERLY addicted to RPG’s and to Bethesda Games, I have completed the Fallouts and Oblivion numerous times and now I am onto  Skyrim. I know it’s a boyish habit but I have gotten a couple of my girl friends into the game as well, because even though Fallout is all guns and violence the Elder Scrolls games are all dragons and magic and middle agish. It’s a game where you can pick and choose your quests to do when you want and you can run around a massive landscape if you want. However I am finding Skyrim SO HARD! I keep dying a lot and I am on level 24! It’s also massive and I am nowhere near finished! Anyway that will be taking up a large portion of my time now!


Awww Ryan for the first time ever last week bought me flowers just because! It was so sweet! However by yesterday they were looking a bit well… Dead. Anyway I was on Skyrim (of course) and I looked up and noticed my Kitten Tovey playing with a lily stem with pollen all round his mouth (he looked like a Wotsit fiend) anyway one quick Google search was enough to set me on a blind panic as it turns out lilies are extremely toxic to cats and cause kidney failure within 36 hours. I rang the vet and he wanted to confirm if had actually eaten it, which he hadn’t but he had pollen all over his mouth and he would have definitely licked it. Anyway I threw out the flowers and watched him to be sick (the first signs) to which he got a bit annoyed with me especially after washing his face with a flannel and he’s fine, thank god! Never getting Lillie’s again (no big loss they kinda smell like pee…) Ryan did say though “If people ask me why I never buy you flowers, it’s because I nearly killed the cat!” Oh well it was a nice gesture anyway…

Hmmm what else… I have been keeping up with my cooking and made garlic mushrooms calzones last night. I thought they wouldn’t take that long… HA! Oh god the dough… It was so annoying and kept sticking everywhere! I was covered head to toe with flour. It wasn’t very good dough either (out of a box) and was really a bit too thick, but it was nice but I think I will be making my own dough from scratch from now on… It needs to be nice and thin and crispy and that one was too doughy. I also made mushroom and wine pasta this week (my own recipe!) because I’m trying to recreate the bachelors pasta sauce that got discontinued and it was so nice! I miss it, anyway I tried to recreate it and it was nice but it’s not the same I will keep at it though I will crack it! I think it needed some herbs…

Anyway I think I hear someone calling me… Oh yes it’s the PS3! TTFN!

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6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Closet Gamer….

  1. Haha thats strange mine just called me!
    Been reading your blog for a while now and its nice to see how you have gone from teaching yourself to cook to now making your own recipies! I love cooking. You tried sausage stirfry?

  2. Ooooo Bex I love this post! Haven’t been on my emails for over a week so just cathcing up on my lunch in work hehe! I admit I am also addicted and I imagine I wouldn’t look like a gamer either? Hehe! But I have a confession, I’m rubbish at games I play like a girl (surprise surprise) so I have had to lower the difficulty level! Oh dear lol!!!!!! Now I can play ok lol! Also, I’ve just giggled out loud at your Tovey story and got some funny looks in the office lol! Love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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