REVIEW – Neutrogena Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub & Facial Wash

Visibly_Clear_Pink_Grapefruit_Facial_ScrubAh Neutrogena you are my golden ticket out of the Isle of Acne! I never really tried any of the cleansers range from Neutrogena until my friend pointed out the grapefruit line and made me smell it. I have been hooked ever since…

Of course I don’t just use this for the smell… that would be silly! It does smell pretty amaze-balls though. I remember they were giving out cards that smelled like this in Boots when they first came out so I took one and put it in my bag so it would smell like grapefruits, my bag smelled lovely! So gimmicks aside I love this range of Grapefruit cleansers because it really helped calm my skin down and holds back my spots! (you know when you can feel one coming on?) I can really tell if I give this a miss for a while because my skin starts breaking out again. This cleanser is gel based with teeny microbeads which makes it a really gentle, lovely cleanser/exfoliator, no grit! I hate gritty exfoliators they feel too harsh on the skin and the bits can get stuck in your hairline… gross. This has tiny beads that work very gently on your skin and without drying out your skin at all, but if you have quite dry skin already that needs flakes shifting its not going to be  up to it as its far too gentle. (I find I can get these in winter around old spots or around my nose, damn colds!) Again you can always trust Neutrogena to have it priced very reasonably at £4.95 for 200ml and that will last you a few months! To be honest if you just bought it because its pink and smells nice I wouldn’t blame you its the reason I bought it in the first place… but you will be very happy with it anyway!

I think this should be my last Neutrogena review for a while ,I have been going a bit heavy on it! It’s just been a lifesaver for my skin lately and I had to tell you about it. So no more Neutrogena posts for at least a month… I think…

4/5 – A great cleanser and exfoliator people with dry skin may find this too gentle.

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