REVIEW – Lee Stafford dry shampoo mid brown

Lee Stafford dry shampoo mid brownOkie Dokie, I have tried pretty much every Lee Stafford product there is and I have also seemed to have tried every dry shampoo. That because Lee Stafford rarely lets me down and I have quite greasy hair (literally overnight, I can’t leave my hair 12 hours without it starting) What I don’t like about dry shampoos is the colour of white it can leave in your hair, and my lovely friend actually bought this for me because she knows how much I love them!

However I wasn’t that impressed by this product, first of all its quite expensive for what it is (£5.49 for 150ml) and the amount you get, Batiste is far cheaper and you wouldn’t mind putting up with the whiteness for the price! The main aim of this range of dry shampoos is they have a range of colours to match your hair colour (although n0-one ever thought to do one for red hair…) so you wouldn’t have a residue left in. To give it its dues it matched my hair colour perfectly and I couldn’t tell I had it on, which is part of the problem… I couldn’t tell I had it on. It didn’t battle my greasy hair very well at all! It also seems to weigh my hair down a lot, so whereas most dry shampoos give you a lot of volume in your hair this did the opposite and flattened it. Which is really disappointing from Lee Stafford its a rare case of a huge MISS. I just couldn’t get on this at all and I’m actually glad it ran out very quickly.

1/5 – Its pretty awful…

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