REVIEW – Got2b Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder

Got2b POWDER'fulOkie Dokie this is something I have had knocking around my cupboard for ages, you see this is a sign I buy too much beauty products I buy them try them out and then I forget to review because I think I have already done it. This however isn’t even something I just tried once ages ago I use this every time I dry my hair!

I am a sucker for any product that promises volume in your hair, its it says volumzing on the bottle I will try it! I have a lot of really fine hair so it tends to lie very flat on my head and it’s not really a good look for me. You would think if I was given flat hair I would get a face shape that suited it? Nope. So anyway I bought this because a hairdresser years ago had tried a similar product on my hair and it really worked well but there was nothing out at the time that was the same (except Lee Stafford’s but it made my head itch like crazy).

Anyway I know a lot of people can’t get on with this product, I think I know why, if you shake this on your head like a pepper shaker (like on the advert) you end up with it everywhere and you put far too much in, so its ends up a rough knotty mess that you can’t even get a brush through and it will wreck your hair like crazy. I too did this the first time, luckily I poured most of it on the floor behind me (it was quite funny really, I just thought it wasn’t working until I realised I needed the hoover…) Anyway I found the best way for this to work was to pour a little bit onto your fingertips and massage it into your roots, tat way you get the volume and not the knotty mess! I really like this powder a lot, I only need to work it into my hair once and I will have lasting volume all day, and if you go outside and the wind messes up your hair, you just brush it through and do a quick root massage and your volumes back! I really like this because it doesn’t make my head itch and it doesn’t knot my hair up and make it feel like straw. Also because I only use a small amount it is lasting me AGES. I have had it about 6 months now and it’s still over half full! It’s quite cheap as well I think it was £3.99 when I got it (not sure how much it is now because the Boots website doesn’t have it) so definitely a bargain seeing as how long it lasts. A definite repurchase for me!

5/5 – Really adds lasting volume to my hair without making my hair feel like crap

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