Its The Most Wonderful Time… Of The Week


Oh god that song has been stuck in my head ALL WEEK. Working at a card shop they think it’s now early enough for christmas music on their radio and even though I heard this last thursday I am still going round booming this song out in a very low voice trying to sound like a man. Tut…. However this is becoming a favourite post to do during the week, as I like the chance to do something different (or maybe I just like talking about myself, I don’t know)

Well this year I didn’t go out for Halloween or get dressed up, I live in a flat so we don’t get trick or treaters since they are no children in the building. However I did go out for Bonfire night, I always loved bonfire night, the smell of gunpowder, constant fog that follows, the warm glow of the fire. I always get a little troubled about bonfires and burning effigies because that’s how people (heretics and witches, including Joan of Arc) really died. However Guy Fawkes was not one of them. He was supposed to be hanged, drawn and quartered but he chucked himself off the scaffolding and snapped his own neck. He also died on the 31st of January and nothing to do with 5th November except an act of parliament said to people to celebrate the Kings escape from assassination by lighting bonfires on the first year and became a tradition there on afterwards. Anyway now that your history lesson is over…

We went to our local rugby club to watch the fireworks and got there nice and early so we got really good places (although, fireworks are in the sky, so I guess that’s moot…) with a couple of our friends, its was one of them affairs where they have a mini fair ground (3 rides, only 1 for adults) and lots of food wagons. The fireworks were really good and we got a cozy spot next to the bonfire which was huge. Got lots of nice pics as well.:)

UsTut one of those test shot where you can’t help but get a shadow of your arm across your face. I have more pictures and I will put them in thumbnails on the bottom for you. There are some pics where my hair looks ginger… well my hair has undertones of red in it. Always has done and it REALLY comes out in flash photos. I don’t have many pics of actual fireworks I prefer to actually watch them, if you’re trying to take photos I found I was missing it. So I just let myself enjoy them.

Not much else has happened this week, the car got fixed, turns out it got flooded and needed bump starting. Which is good because it was free to fix it I guess. I can’t t really think of what else I have been doing, not a lot playing on my phone mostly. I found a cool app that I got a bit obsessed with called label box which is really cool (and free) so I have been putting labels on pictures like these.

The GuruOh No ryans a doodleScrumdiddlyumptiousthe blair witch project, cat edition

Hahaha… Apps are so cool….The cat monster there is my baby Tovey. (he gots big ears like Russel Tovey, and when he was a tiny baby they were round and on the side of his head) He is currently trying to get me to chase him so we can play his version of hide and seek (he hides in wash basket/top of the stairs/in a wardrobe and I hide and jump in and out of his line of vision then he jumps out of his hiding place and smacks me on the head with his paw.) It’s a pretty fun game actually…

 tre logo

RyanMeGroup shot!FireFeet!Fireworks

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