REVIEW – Organix Shampoo and Conditioner

 organix shampoo and conditioner

Okie Dokie I am a complete newb when it comes to this brand, before recently I had never tried it and if you asked me about the brand I would have been like ‘who?’ Now of course now I have tried it I can’t believe I went so long without it! Especially since they have morrocan argan oil range….

…and we all know how fantastic Argan oil is! If there is such thing as a miracle oil its this one. I love it so much that I only got the conditioner… well that’s because the Boots store I went to only had the conditioner and no shampoo so I got the coconut because it smells so good. Although how many people actually buy shampoo and conditioner exactly the same? I tend to buy the same brand when they are on offer (like this one) but normally I mix it up, you know what? I feel a Poll coming on!

Ok now to the review! I always rabbit on a tangent sometimes… No I must resist! So these two I got on haircare 3 for 2 (oh yeah I’m number 2!) I wasn’t really expecting too much from these to be honest that’s because they kind of look like they are cheap brands (without the price tag £6.99 a bottle seemed expensive to me) and they were on the bottom shelf with the less popular brands so I thought I would give them a try, why not? They’re on offer and I will soon run out looking at the size of the bottles. I still wasn’t impressed in the shower, the shampoo doesn’t lather up very much so I find I have to shampoo twice (using twice as much shampoo) but I think it’s because my hair is getting super long now (I can’t even remember having hair this long) but the conditioner as well didn’t impress me at the time of using it, it didn’t leave my hair silky smooth like most do so I wasn’t looking forward to drag gin a brush through my hair. I have said it before and I will say it again, products that instantly make your hair silky and soft when wet are never like that when its dry and vice versa reaps better rewards (except I didn’t say it as well as I did there!). The first time I used these both together I dried my hair and didn’t straighten it… because for the first time EVER I didn’t need too. My hair is normally frizzy and uncontrollable and even with my styling products it still frizzes and can’t be without straighteners. I have only ever seen these effects in the hairdressers where they dry your hair with their octopus hands no other person can do. I was AMAZED at how shiny and straight it looked, it looked so much more healthy also my hair seems to have kick started into growing again! I am in love with Organix!

4/5 – a bit hard to get a foam going, a bit hard on your brush, so much better for my hair!

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW – Organix Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. I’ve used organix before. I didn’t like what it did to my hair. Bought the ones that had pomegrante infused into it for moisture.A little too much moisture for me made my hair very greasy when it dried with and without a blow dryer aide. I tried just using the shampoo or conditioner on separate occasions. The shampoo by itself wasn’t as greasy, hair was soft thought. The conditioner made my hair greasy and limp (I have thick hair so it volumizes on it’s own when it dries) but this stuff made it flatter then keira knightley’s chest.

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