REVIEW – Soap & Glory Cheek Mini Haul

S&G cheeksOK so I may be a TAD excited about this range… I can’t stop buying it! It doesn’t help that the stand just looks so pretty and inviting… Anyway heres another haul I bought and tried for you. I am obsessed with blush and tints so of course I HAD to get both, I clearly had no option there but I also got the highlighter ‘Glow All Out’ just because I haven’t had a powder one before I always using liquid ones and I wanted to try it.

I really like the packaging on this new line, they kept it in keeping with the skincare but the blusher and highlighter is made of paper. The lid is magnetic and has a mirror inside it and I think its pretty cool… for now. I have no idea how long this packaging is going to last though. I may be crying over a paper blusher corpse in a years time… Anyway now to the products.

Love At First Blush £11

love-first-blushThis blush kinda reminds me of the Bobbi Brown rose shimmer brick but in a circle, like what GOSH tried to do without all the glitter (sorry GOSH) I was worried really about how much colour this would give but I was pleasantly surprised it doesn’t give off a very strong colour, just a nice flush as pale pink, which is a colour I don’t have so I’m pleased. It’s got a white shimmery highlighter in the wheel so its gives a nice glow whilst it’s on without looking glittery. It’s surprisingly long-lasting as well, it being quite a pale colour I was expecting it to fade completely throughout the day but I was pleasantly surprised by its staying power. However… It’s not in my top 5 blushers. I just like colours that are a little stronger, so when they release more colours in the range maybe I will find one I like more.

4/5 – Colour is just a little too subtle for my liking

Glow All Out £11

glow-all-outAfter using ‘Love At First Blush’ Theres not much need for a highlighter when its got one in its wheel but for the top of the cheek bones you can use this. I was worried about the peachiness of the colour if it would be strong on my pale skin but it’s not at all. In fact except for the subtle shimmer left over there’s not colour left on the skin at all. I was expecting this to leave a strong colour on my face but when I was using a brush on it I found that my brushes was picking up a LOT of product on it. It’s slightly loose so you need to go easy on it! I tested this out on my hand so I could keep checking how long it lasts (who wants to be stood in front of a mirror all day?) and its does last a long time. I was worried because on my hand it did look quite glittery but it’s not like that on your face and well basically unless there is light shining on your face you can’t tell its even on.

4/5 – Nice shimmer, powders a bit loose on it.

Cheekmate £8

cheekmateThis is a tint my friend has asked me to try because she madly searching for a good lip tint so I bought this straight away (because I’m obsessed with tints too). So I was looking forward to trying this. This tint has a really thick gel consistency and a VERY strong dark pink colour pigment so I found out quite quickly you only need a tiny amount. When I used this on my cheeks I made the mistake of using this after my powder (most runnier tints will let you do this just fine) but this was like trying to drag cement across your face! Before powder though it spreads just fine and gives a lovely flush of colour so as a cheek tint I do like it on your cheeks it lasts a really long time (and sadly too on your finger I can’t seem to wash the thing off!). As a lip tint though is where it let me down slightly, it’s too bad because it has so many good points! It doesn’t highlight dry lips at all, its gives a lovely pinch of red on your lips the only thing is though it doesn’t last two minutes on your lips, as soon as you eat its gone. Which is such a shame because it one of the only ones where you don’t have to scrub your lips like mad before putting it on!

3/5 – Perfect as a cheek tint, no staying power as lip tint though

Okie Dokie so that’s all the products now I have bought from Soap and Glory, including Kick ass concealer (review click here) and Thick and Fast mascara (review click here)I have a slight feeling though I not done buying them… I really want their foundation but debating or not whether it will be too dark…decisions, decisions…

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