Oh Dear…

womanThe car AGAIN! I swear the damn thing is CURSED. It used to be Ryan’s brothers car and before he went travelling I never heard him complain about it and it didn’t really seem to break down on him. We have had it around 5 months and its been one thing after another!

This flaming car has in the past 5 months had the spark plugs go TWICE, had a flat tyre and the clutch is on its last legs. This week however topped that, with another flat tyre then the light went out of the car and we got it changed and now it just won’t start. What is wrong with this DAMN thing??? I had a Corsa for 2 years and the only thing I had with it is a flat tyre (I seem to get a lot of them don’t I?)  but other than that it ran absolutely fine not a single problem with it. This is a golf and I think he may be dying. Anyway because of that I couldn’t take my cat to the vets to get fixed, he gets to keep his peanuts for another week.

As promised I said I would let you know about the job and of course I didn’t get it. After having to get in contact with THEM about it I got a one line email saying “sorry the position has been filled”. How effing rude is that? Double booking my interview, pawning me off on another employee instead of rearranging it, saying they would get in touch and didn’t and then having to email them myself and getting one line like it’s SUCH an inconvenience to keep their word. Do you know when I went in who the receptionist was? A sheet of paper and a phone. Ryan says he thinks I may have had a lucky escape with them. Personally though I never feel like I’m taking seriously in interviews, I look too young, I look like a teenager and constantly asked if I’m in college or getting I.D for a lottery ticket (seriously, the age limit is like 16). I hate getting patronised by old men who think they are talking to a kid or that I must not know what I’m talking about and it PISSES me off.

OH GOD, sorry my cat just fell on me. Honestly I thought they were supposed to have good balance??? He’s constantly falling off things. Ryan says he takes after me, I haven’t a clue what he’s talking about…

Anyway I think that’s it for this week, You know what I don’t remember. Do you get that? You know you have done things and been somewhere but can’t for the life of you remember what? I think my brain is muddled, or maybe I’m getting sick… I did feel dizzy yesterday at work but I think that’s because I was bending up and down a lot (I don’t think my brain can handle constantly jumping 5 foot 9″ 100 times in 3 hours) today it just feels like cotton wool so I’m going to stop before this diary post becomes even more of a shambles!

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