REVIEW – Bubbi Brushes

Bubbi BrushesOkie Dokie I have FINALLY got around to reviewing these! I am this set for my birthday after waiting what seemed like FOREVER for them! (I’m quite impatient when I want something!) and I got the £29.99 set that has the Multi Retractable Brush, Dual Cover Brush, Powder brush, Dual Eyes Brush but weirdly… I didn’t get the eyeliner brush. I got the fluff eyeshadow brush in mine which is probably a little mistake but I am not fussed I have plenty of eyeliner brushes and I needed a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend. So I’m happy with the set I got!

I really had high hopes for these brushes because as well as looking adorable I just knew they would be a high quality set coming from Bubzbeauty the renowned YouTube Beauty guru and I was not disappointed.

I love this set of brushes. They are so SOFT! Ahhh they feel like your brushing your face with a kitten (These brushes are made from synthetic fibres, No kittens here!) They are über soft and keep their softness after washing as well (although I have to point out they take a while to dry but that’s because of how dense the bristles are) I am so impressed with how well these are made, They are PACKED with bristles and are so lovely and dense so they pick up lots of product the first time but also I have been using these for well over a month, washed them a few times and I haven’t had a single bristle fall out. The handles are very sturdy (no wobbly handles here that are so common with brushes for the same price) They are such good quality and when the most expensive single brush is at £12.99 for the kabuki they’re a bargain!

Heres what I thought of each brush:

Multi Retractable Brush – The multi purpose brush that’s really versatile I currently using mine for contouring and for highlighting. Picks up lots for product and distributes it evenly.

Dual Cover Brush – A really good foundation brush and gives a really even finish. This one picks up a lot of product and needs washing the most otherwise it will get clogged. The concealer brush is really nice and stretches out the product that extra mile.

Powder brush – I think this is my favourite brush I LOVE how soft this is to powder your face with. Mmmmm

Dual Eyes Brush – Picks up lots of eyeshadow on the first sweep and gives a soft, even finish and the other end helps with the more fiddly parts of shadowing.

Fluff  Brush – great for blending away harsh lines of the eyeshadows.

As you can see I wasn’t disappointed with a single brush in this set and I am going to be using these brushes for a LONG time. Theres a complete set for £59.99 that includes a couple of brushes I really want to get (HD Flawless brush and buffer brush) if they’re anything like these brushes they are well worth the money!

If you want to purchase these Brushes Click Here 

5/5– One of the best brush sets I have ever tried.

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