Ahh November is here at last! Everyone’s thoughts are turned now to the looming Christmas month, digging in our wardrobes for hats, gloves and scarves, our Boots are getting well-worn in and November’s chill is biting at our heels. Some people don’t like the bitter, dead months, but personally the Autumn and Winter months are my favourites.

I love wearing oversized jumpers and getting a chance to wear forgotten scarves that have been hanging sadly on the coat rack. I love digging in the pockets of last winters coats and remembering the last time I wore them and being snuggly in bed just knowing its the warmest place in the country.

November is a month that smells like gunpowder, bonfires and caramelised apples, yes it may be raining for most of this month but now you have the protection of lots of layers of clothes it doesn’t feel as uncomfortable as the warmer months. This is the month we light our fires in our homes for the first time, blankets will be draped over our beds and our slippers and slipper socks are permanently attached to your feet. Hot chocolates suddenly this month seem like the cosiest, most delicious drinks when the cold winds are howling outside and your snuggled up with a good book or watching a film with someone you love.

To me November is a month of home comforts, its one of my utter favourites so I’m showing my appreciation for it 🙂

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5 thoughts on “November

  1. November and December are the best months of the year, and anyone who says otherwise is crazy. All the best days (Halloween, Bonfire Night, my birthday and Xmas) plus the seasons are beautiful. Nothing better than being wrapped up warm on the sofa watching a film, or huddling together in the pub having a Kopperberg 🙂

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