Rate, Hate or Debate

It’s that time of the month again… well not THAT time, But once again its the end of the month and I pick 3 products or things that sum it up for me. One I rate, One I hate… well you get the drift!

Yummy brownies

RATE – Cooking

It’s nice to discover you’re not the hopeless case in the kitchen you thought you were! I have really enjoyed baking and making different things for tea this month. Its been quite fun actually and my stomach has been thanking me for it! This week I even didn’t buy any snacks as I would making them (and all the ones I bought last week just sat in the cupboard uneaten). I look forward to discovering more yummy treats to bake and nice teas to cook!

Darth VaderHATE – Being the Bad Guy

DUM, DUM, DUM. DUM, DA, DUM. DUM, DA, DUM! That must be what Tovey my cat hears when I get cross with him and have to tell him off! He goes through particularly rowdy phases (usually in the middle of the night) and I have to hiss at him (speaking cat language) lay him down until he’s calmed down. I always feel SO guilty afterwards though because he runs off after and sulks under the bed. I hate being the bad guy, I can’t even play evil characters in Fallout (oh yes, I completed them! I used to work at Game and it REALLY rubs off on you…) I feel so bad killing good characters I end up giving up and not playing and starting again as a good guy. Who wants to be the villain when you can be the hero? I know I have to tell him off so he knows whats bad behaviour and whats good (i.e. mauling my hands BAD, being nice and letting people stroke you without going skitz GOOD) but I don’t like it very much.

Soap and Glory Kickass Concealer

DEBATE – Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

This has to under debate because it’s really two concealers in one. I got the light one and step 1 is under the eyes and step 2 is for blemishes. The under eye concealer doesn’t sit well with me at ALL. It doesn’t spread easily and it make my under eyes look really dry so it doesn’t cover smoothly. So I didn’t like that one I have a much better one and I will carry on using that. However, the blemish concealer is the BEST concealer I have ever used. Its AWESOME! It spreads best using your fingers rather than a brush, and its a perfect shade its looks a little yellow at first but it blends so well into the skin and covers your spot perfectly by being so opaque. It doesn’t dry it out and counteracts redness brilliantly. You use the little powder at the top to settle it and voila! blemish covered. On any areas that are greasy thought the makeup does move (but so does all makeup) and you will need touch ups though out the day on these areas, but the pot is so handy at compact you can just pop it in your bag when your out and your set! So even though I wasn’t impressed by the eye concelaer the blemish one made a really impact, I would have spent the £10 just for that one concealer alone.

So that’s 3 things that sum up this month, what about yours?

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2 thoughts on “Rate, Hate or Debate

  1. RATE: This time of year – Basically for all the reasons you stated in your post “November” Always have loved this time of year. As im writing this im wearing 3 old jumpers that iv had for years, its raining outside and im sat with a hot drink 🙂 Have you ever heard the song by Linkin Park – My December ??

    Men! Now I know I am one, but I have been going out alot recently, one of the girls we go out with has recently become single and creepy guys keep hitting on her. They have no dignity! She pushes them away, they come back. They become possesive when another guy starts dancing around her. Its sad it really is! There letting there side down! Iv always got on better with woman than men. Im just not a football loving ball scratching kinda guy and I totally see where the phrase “typical guy” comes from!

    PC’s Im quickly becoming a MAC lover. PC’s layouts just seem so messy to a mac. Im writing this on my PC whilst I sync my phone and its really anoying me!

    • No I never heard that song but I will give it a listen now! Yeah I hate aggressive guys that come on to you, or cheesy guys, or guys that basically groping you without knowing your name. I always prefer to get to know someone first. having said that I tend to get with guys better than girls! I can’t relate to most girls, I like makeup and stuff but I don’t slather it on, I have better things to do than gossip or bitch about people for things that are NONE of your business. Girls like that tend to be EXHAUSTING. I guess I just prefer down to earth people, but that still tends to be more men than women who are like that (or maybe thats just preston there are a hell of a lot of tango bimbos here).
      Defintely get a iMac. I had mine for 2 years, not a single problem still fast as anything. Apple is just something kinda awesome!

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