REVIEW – LUSH Sparkle Toothy Tabs

Lush Toothy Tabs SparkleThis is one of them random purchase you make at a till that look really cool and has loads of novelty and usually quite cheap. I did that when I was earwigging on a sales pitch a guy was making to 2 teenagers and although it didn’t work on them it worked on me! But like most purchases at a till you usually end up regretting it and I’m sad to say this is one of those times.

This seemed like such a cool innovate idea, toothpaste in a tablet form that you chew for a bit, brush and then spit out. I picked up sparkle to whiten my teeth a bit (they can’t be professionally whitened)  and tried it the next day and I doubt I will ever try them again! These are not for me at all! If like me you find Arm and Hammer toothpaste absolutely disgusting and it makes you want to gag, you won’t like these things either! I should have guessed really I mean they look like little tabs of powder but somehow I thought it would be like normal toothpaste and taste minty but these don’t at all. At first it feels like your chewing on chalk as they are really powdery. Then the really strong flavour kicks in, these ones are a lemony pepper taste and its very strong so you feel like its burning away the inside of your mouth and you try to then brush your teeth but there’s chunks of tablet everywhere you don’t even know if you’re getting the toothpaste on your toothbrush or even on your top teeth and I couldn’t keep this stuff in my mouth for a full 2 minutes, I think I lasted 30 seconds before the burning and flavour got too much for me! It’s a shame really I was looking forward to trying these and thought they would be cool but they make brushing your teeth just a little bit too complicated/tortury for me. For people who can handle very strong flavours and don’t mind arm and hammer type of flavours then maybe you could make head or tails of this stuff until then its easier to stick with my ordinary toothpaste.

0/5 – horrid things, too strong!

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