Whats REALLY in a Womans Bag?

My BagHeres something I have been meaning to do for ages but I had a crappy camera and now I have an awesome one I can show you all what a woman’s bag is REALLY like. I see lots of posts all over that show inside girls bags but I think “is that what it REALLY looks like? Or after you have tided it?” They all look too neat, are too perfect because they have all bag essentials like in magazines and nothing in the slightest that’s just a bit strange or weird. If that’s what your bags are really like I applaud your very clean and organised approach to your bags, your better women than I. I will never be that organised and perfect and inside my bag will always look like a jumble sale, so I have come to show you inside a REAL handbag.

First of all this is my bag, and its my favourite bag of all time, I love satchels and I saw this on the Nica website and even though I couldn’t really afford it at the time, I went and bought it anyway and I have never regretted it for a moment. It was WORTH it. It’s such a pretty bag, it has tons of pockets and can be slung across your body or just on the shoulder. I have had this for around a year now, and its one of them bags where if it breaks, you WILL find a way to fix it. The handles did snap a few weeks ago but Ryan the little dear, fixed it for me! I would be completely lost without my bag, it’s really a love affair of the ages! It cost me around £60 because I got it new, I don’t even want to think what it costs now in the sale because I will try to buy it again in another colour! Anyway enough about the bag, here it is with its guts spilled!

Inside my bagIt’s a pig sty admittedly, but its MY pigsty. You see I refuse to litter (I feel too guilty, also I’m paranoid about the litter police, seriously, they go round and fine you on the spot £70) so when I can’t find a bin wrappers and things like that usually end up in my bag, plus receipts and lists… it ends up getting really full and heavy and needs emptying every 2 months or so. Plus most girls know you’re a pack mule for anything your boyfriend accumulates as well, hence all the paperwork and bills (that are Ryan’s) snuck into my bag a couple of weeks ago and here they still are. So now I take out all the rubbish and put it in the bin here’s what my bag looks like.

inside my bag tidied upAhh much better, it should stay in like for at least a day! Heres a list of what I found In my bag today,

  • Wage slips, Ryan’s paperwork, old student discount books, a birthday card (from september), post-it notes and Random rubbish
  • My Purse (quite frankly I would be worried if it WASN’T here)
  • Solid perfume from lush called Champagne Snow Showers (smells LOVELY, like sweeties)
  • My phone (it gets taken out as soon as I get home)
  • Old chewing gum packet (and it still had gum in score!)
  • Business cards
  • Clarins Lip gloss in peach
  • Caffeine pills (before anyone goes on one about how bad they are I KNOW, plus I don’t take them unless I had like 2 hours sleep and that’s very rare)
  • A Curly Wurly from a week ago (I forgotten it was in there) I gave it to Ryan he likes old sweets
  • A lady bird wind up torch (it’s so cute! and it’s bound to be useful for SOMETHING)
  • A broken USB stick that I have no idea whats on it, It used to looks like a plumbob and used to be a key ring. It’s now neither.
  • A pink notebook (for lists, work schedules etc)
  • a small tube of BB cream for touch ups
  • A sports mechanical pencil (its one I don’t really want on show at my desk, so it got chucked in the bag)
  • Feminax (for bad period pains)
  • A rubber, I have no idea why or how it got in there. I think I got it chucked in there because Tovey wouldn’t stop trying to play with it.
  • Clarins Instant Smooth crystal Lip Balm in coral and red.
  • A panda measuring tape. It’s a bit of a weird one and people laugh when they see it. I had it because I used to have to walk for 10 mins to get the bus in a dodgy area at 5 in the morning to go to work for 6 and I would carry this in case I got mugged or something and I could sort of… confuse them, tangle them up, if it got really bad even strangle them (make rape alarm was broken…) It makes me seem a little psycho really… but I figure if you look a little psycho to an attacker its something in your favour. It’s a last resort, I only know very little self-defence and if I get attacked I’m going to go down fighting! (although not very well) Anyway now its just a cute measuring tape in there for no reason at all… (p.s. EDIT Ryan has pointed out that it sounds like thats the only reason I had it in my bag or bought it. I think I got too excited to tell you my
    Bonkers idea and didn’t explain properly. I bought it because its a cute panda and it measures out the ear (and thats just adorable), it was just my mad idea I had for what was in my bag at the time and my crazy idea of what I could use it for self defence at 5 in the morning, so now its just a funny story of my bonkerness
  • Little bag of cola ball sweets I bought today
  • Blistex Lip Tone
  • Keys
  • Headphones (no idea why these ones are there they don’t stay in my ears at ALL)
  • A Bodyform box – Its empty at the minute so I’m not sure why I keep carrying it around
What I don’t have in my bag which I usually do is a little perfume tester cards that I put in there to make my bag smell nice. I mean I have enough rubbish in there I may as well have nice smelling rubbish! So that’s my weird and wonderful bag, What do you have inside your bag that’s just a little bit out of the ordinary? Or am I the only one whose this messy? :/
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5 thoughts on “Whats REALLY in a Womans Bag?

  1. I am beyond confused at the tape measure. How the hell was that gonna help in any way, shape, or form! I’m just… I’m lost for words honestly. That’s hilarious.


  2. Hiya, I have a toddler so I have about twice as much stuff in my bag but as far as my half of the bag goes, it looks pretty much like the contents of yours. The rest is taken up by nappies, snacks and Barbies! Just started following your blog today and it looks great btw xx

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