REVIEW – Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

Thick and Fast mascaraOkie Dokie, How excited was I when I heard one of my favourite skincare brands was doing a makeup line? Very! Of course that was followed by bitter disappointment that my Boots seemed to be slow in installing the makeup stand. BOOOOO! It didn’t stop me practically skipping to it when it was finally put in last weekend and naturally I had already cherry picked a few items I wanted by going online and checking them out. (which was practically the whole line but I had to restrain myself) I picked up a few key things I REALLY wanted to try but I only got the mascara because my last one has dried up so badly, and I though heh it can’t hurt to try it.

So when I got this home I put it on straight after a shower (I was off out),after my last mascara flaked a LOT (I looked like I had black dandruff under my eyes), I wanted to try one that promised  not to flake and give lot of length and volume, as my eyelashes have neither. When I opened it I was surprised by the brush. Its bloody HUGE. It reminds me of what people said about Benefit ‘yes they’re real’ which seems to be a love it/ hate it product based on the reviews I read and as I couldn’t afford it I gave it a miss.

Using this product takes a little delicacy as I have managed to hit my eyelid a couple of times with the enormous brush and the brush is a bit big to give a flicked out cat eye, or “who from whoville” effect to the lashes which I love to do which is a tad disappointing. However I am willing to forgo whoville lashes for this.

Before mascaraAfter mascara

 Here above is the before picture and obviously the bottom is after. Before I had stubby, short lashes (and really bad dark circles! I have been sleeping like the dead lately and waking up KNACKERED. I blame my super vivid dreams stopping me from getting rest!) The colour really is superjet black and looks really nice on I don’t think they do any other colours (to be honest I never try coloured ones anyway). To keep this a fair test I DIDN”T curl my lashes at all before putting on mascara as it can make your lashes look longer just doing that on its own and I only put on one layer of mascara. I wanted to test the product based on just its own merits and it works REALLY well! As you can see it’s has elongated them they look thicker (not enormously but still) and its also given them a nice curl to it. It’s a really smooth formula so you don’t get spidery clumpy lashes with it and NO FLAKES! Its lasted all day and when I took it off I was surprised to see that I didn’t have a lot of mascara on at all, it’s a really small amount so its washes off nicely and your lashes don’t feel heavy.

I really liked this mascara, I wish they did a waterproof version of it (maybe they will soon!) as I know some people prefer them as they keep the curl better than wet formulas, although this had no trouble. For £10 its a really nice mascara, great value for money and definitely worth a purchase.

5/5 – Did everything I wanted (actually gave the appearance I HAD eyelashes) and did everything it SAID it did.

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