Ain’t That a Kick in the Head….

OUCHNow I make no pretences of being a morning person (yes I’m watching loose women…) but somehow, very out of character, I managed to sleep 14 hours! I normally get up around 9ish but I slept until 12! Where has my day gone? So my cat thrilled to find out I was not dead, decided my face looked good enough to sleep on, I thought it was so cute I had to take a pic of it, but all I managed to take was a lovely shot of him kicking me in the face for not being comfy enough!

Would you believe that fat monster on my face is only 5 and 1/2 months old? (it’s an illusion I have a teeny, tiny head… I can raise a pool triangle above my head and drop it and it slides over my head effortlessly… its my party trick) He’s pretty mental one minute he loves you the next he’s HYPER. Oh well only 7 more sleeps till the VETS! Mwaahaha!

All TOGETHER againThe gang is back together again! We all had a big meet up from all over this weekend! One of us came from New Zealand for just a week and a half and we all showed up to welcome her (briefly) home! I now have a more updated pic of us all together! It was a fantastic weekend we all got a little bit drunk, we all danced (even ME!) and all got a little bit sad when it was all over. I miss them all so much, its gets too quiet around here and the weekends go too quick!

All the girlsAll the girls together!

BoysThe LADS.

Ahh such a great weekend and many, many photos! of course the next morning we were all very hung over so I made us all some slutty brownies to get us over the hump…

slutty browniesThe recipe is from The Londoner and it’s another yummy one! Mine didn’t go as gooey in the middle as I would have thought it would but they were still yummy! I’m still on my cooking bender at the minute and just picked up a new cookbook (I suspect Xmas presents this year to be cookbooks and bath products! So I can get messy cooking and have lovely stuff to clean up with after!) so I think I will be continuing with my meal plans and trying new things, food is the spice of life! (or whatever the phrase is)

Still no news about this job yet, sent an email just so I can give up on it, I didn’t even get an interview with the guy whose decision it is because he double booked the appointment so I got a substitute, how likely is it then he’s going to give a second thought to a girl he didn’t even MEET? None, is the answer to that surprisingly enough. It’s the NOT ringing when they said they would (not we will ring you IF you get the job, it was a “we will let you know next week”) that is annoying me. I just want them to go, “you didn’t get the job” and be done with it. Anyways rant over (-ish, it’s still boiling away inside) if they email me back I will let you all know next week!

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