Rollers *again*

Okie Dokie so I had a few questions to do with these rollers people unsure how to put them up and also what kind of shape in gives. so I decided to show you how I use rollers for every day use. MUG SHOT PLEASE!

Rollers + mugAS you can see I have only used the top layers of my hair for shape and the underside is left straight (excuse the wispiness of my hair its gone FLOOFY today). As I said before you can do this after straightening or after drying your hair, as your hair needs to be warm to cool into the shape. (Heated rollers eliminates this step) Now for everyday, straighten then do rollers, for a special occasion use after blow-drying this is because straightening controls the shape more and after blowdrying it goes really bouffant! Straightening tones down the effect. Now back to why I have only done the top layers this is because these are your longest layers and if you roller these it will either go really curly undy (if you have shorter hair, have straightened it and large rollers) or at my length onwards it will start to curl them using large rollers anything smaller is going to really curl!

So for everyday I only do the top layers to give the hair shape (my hair goes very flat at the top and frizzy out so it goes a bit like an upside down cone). I do one at the back of my head, one at the smallest side of the parting and two on the largest side these rollers you start at the bottom of the hair and curl upwards BUT I start away from my head at about eye height to roll up to get more volume at the roots. I have one on my fringe which curls out and away from your face so it looks like it does above.  While these are in go have breakfast put on makeup (I hardly bothered today, hence the visible eye bags, I’m too lazy!)

After about 20 mins – 30mins or right before you leave the house take out the rollers and quickly brush through, then add any styling products you want to it, here’s the effect after you take them out without styling products.

Hair afterwardsIgnore the big wispy bit at the side of my head its in the middle of the process between straightening it and wanting to curl (its curled now, does anyone else have a stubborn curl like this?) I left my fringe in front of my face to show you how the front curler goes to give a nice side swept fringe and tucks the ends away nicely together without clumping it hugely (I’m in the process of growing to out, it’s very nearly the length of my face!)

Anyway after this I will go put my volumising powder in it, and shine spray etc, and your hair keeps this shape all day, with hardly any effort!

Happy rolling!

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