REVIEW – Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

soap-and-glory-sugar-crush-body-scrubOkie Dokie, I have a confession to make… I always forget tho exfoliate. I probably remember once every 3 weeks! (ommmm) I’m not sure why it is maybe it’s because once I’m in the shower, I want to be in and out, maybe its because its on the shower floor and I bang my head every time I bend down to pick it up (I’m not used to the small space and I’m tall and lumbery). Maybe it’s because I’m not sure how often I SHOULD be exfoliating. Whatever it is there has only really been one time where I got into a proper routine of it and that was when I was using this.

Soap & Glorys Sugar Crush is an awesome exfoliator! This was the first exfoliator I tried of S&G’s and it introduced me to the brand. I really love this product its made of big brown sugar so it’s really chunky when you’re scrubbing it in but disappears as soon as it hits water and it smells SOOOoooo good too, I just want to gobble it up! I wouldn’t eat it but looking at the ingredients it seems more like a dessert than a body product. You get a really hefty tub of 450ml for about £8 so it should last you a long time, but I always pile this stuff on so I go through it quite quickly! This is nothing to when you dry off and feel your skin… You can’t leave yourself alone! Be very prepared to ask complete strangers to feel how soft your skin is! Your there just stroking yourself all day (get your head out the gutter!) so I got seriously addicted to this stuff! I think I am still getting used to only having showers and not baths and showers seem to be more of a rush, I must remember to exfoliate! (*mumbles* must remember to exfoliate, must remember to exfoliate…)

5/5 – Fantastic scrub!

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