REVIEW – Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

benefit magic ink liquid linerOkie Dokie, this is one of the presents I got for my birthday in a box set up by Dad and Claire, I didn’t have any brush liquid eyeliners anymore only gels and pens so I was excited to see if my skills were up to using a brush one again!

Sadly though I am still too clumsy for these types of eyeliners and ended up with very thick black lines and wings it took my a while and a small accident later but never mind! I think these handles are quite clumsy to work with brushes and pens are much easier! It looked alright though in my opinion, it went on nice and sleek though it lost product on the brush quite quickly though and I kept having to dip it back into the pot before it started dragging once I got it on though I was impressed with the intense black it gave and the sharp lines, that is until I started drinking! My eyes started to water just a little bit from laughing so I dabbed the corner lightly so I wouldn’t smudge the eyeliner and looked at my finger and the entire wing had transferred onto my finger! So I had one wing and one missing all night! I have NEVER had a eyeliner that’s done that, and its a huge disappointment from Benefit. I only tapped it lightly to get rid of the water there! It was under my fringe so I don’t think people noticed so it was alright (I guess). I was expecting something a bit more enduring really but on the other hand it washed off easily enough.

2/5 – an alright eyeliner just don’t EVER touch it!

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