Life is More Than What You Eat…


… But it’s SO damn delicious! And to be honest its quite fundamental though I have to admit though I have never been much of a cook. It’s not my fault really, when do people actually LEARN to cook nowadays unless you sit down and teach yourself? My Mum hated cooking, she did cook but she didn’t enjoy it, to her cooking is the horrible part to get to the food. The recipes she did do were delicious (so I stole them. Naturally) but it would seem weird if she just said one day “right Becky today your going to learn the basics of cooking, boiling an egg, Mashed potatoes etc” 1) she didn’t have time to be faffing about all day teaching me to cook on her days off, 2) it’s so basic the stuff I didn’t know, you would expect I picked it somewhere, so she probably assumed I knew them, 3) If my Mum hated cooking so much then it must be horrible and I won’t like it much either and 4) I didn’t WANT to learn. Probably the most important one in the list, I thought it was perfectly fine to live off frozen stuff, anything that took too long to make and didn’t have instructions on the packet, was’t worth making in my opinion. Even in school, in food tech all I learnt was to forget which day was cooking day (it was so rare) so I didn’t have any ingredients and spend the day writing up recipes not actually cooking. The first time me and my sister had to make mashed potato that wasn’t “smash” we were completely stumped and had to ring one of her friends mums (a weird phone call admittedly, can’t remember why we didn’t ring Mum) just to find out! I learnt how to boil an egg at uni in the student cookbook that goes around every year, and tried to learn the basics but it got too complicated and the ingredients seemed never-ending and then the ingredients would go off so I gave up quite quickly for frozen foods. Its been 5 years since then and I’m SICK of frozen food. I’m sick of how bland it tastes, I’m sick of the same things OVER and OVER. I’m sick of knowing it has more salt in them than I would normally eat in a week and I was sick of when I ate them I felt no satisfaction in it. I’m sick of WASTING food too, I have bought veggies that just went off in the fridge because I had no idea what to actually MAKE with them!

NO MORE! I have finally had ENOUGH! I have moved into a new flat I finally have a kitchen all to myself and after wasting a whole pack of mushrooms last week I decided we needed to change! First of all it started simple enough I made a meal plan for the week so when I went shopping I wouldn’t waste any food I got and I would also actually use the things I bought. I know that sounds so un-spontaneous but until I actually know how to cook a wide variety of things this is what I’m going to have to do to learn. So when I was planning my meals for the week it did occur to me that I don’t know ANY recipes to cook. So I went to the only place where I knew had really easy recipes from a girl who can’t cook either… Bubz! (see blogroll on the side under YouTube) She can’t cook at all but on her channel Bubzvlogs She had a valentines meal (pasta bake click here to watch video) she cooked and also a really simple meal she made for every day. They looked so easy and delicious to do I had to do them immediately!

Pesto ChickenHere is Bubz Pesto Chicken! I also did a bake of hers but it got burnt in my fan assisted oven so I didn’t take a pic. This however took about 20mins total to do and SO easy! I’m going to type out the recipe dead quick because it’s not written anywhere on the internet!

To serve 1 you will need:

  • Chicken Breast Fillet
  • Grated cheese (not much)
  • 2 slices of bacon
  • Toothpicks
  • 1 tablespoon of pesto
Preheat your oven to 220 degrees (centigrade) Get your chicken fillet and cut into it down the side so you have a pocket like a pita bread, sprinkle a bit of cheese inside it (I used cheddar but use what cheese you like) then get a dollop of pesto on a tablespoon and plonk it in there. Sprinkle more cheese on the top (that’s why you don’t need much cheese!) just dip your spoon back in the pesto to coat the spoon and spread it over the top of the chicken. Then get a bacon slice tuck in inside the opening and wrap it round and pin together with the toothpick, and if you have a big chicken breast like I did wrap another piece of bacon around it. Plonk it in the oven for 15mins (if fan assisted like me) or 20-25 mins in you have a gas oven (keep an eye on it, Bubz said 25 mins on her video but my pasta bake on the same temp for half an hour on the bottom of the oven burnt a little bit). Take it out of the oven, take a photograph and gobble it up! If you want to see the video of how Bubz did this click here.
This chicken was so yummy! It had so much flavour in it, it was GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to make it again, I not usually a huge fan of bacon or pigs in blankets but this was scrumdiddlyumptious! I was so proud of myself this week when I have been cooking, that’s something you don’t get with frozen and ready meals. You never feel any pride in that type of food because all you did was heat it up. To be honest most of it tastes so bland you wouldn’t be proud of it if you started from scratch.
I also made stuffed mushrooms this week just because I always think they look SO yummy when you see them on cooking shows (and I am a mushroom fiend, I LOVE them) so I looked for a dead easy one with cheese (see recipe click here)
stuffed mushroomsThis was another yummy one it has onions, peppers and the stems of the mushrooms inside it. So nice! btw it seems like I eat a lot of chips but I honestly don’t! I never eat chips, I’m not keen on them as I usually think they are a bit bland (hence the mayonnaise on the plate). I just didn’t have anything else this week to put with them as my salad went off earlier in the week (bah, THIS is why I started planning meals) and Ryan’s not a fan of vegetables I would normally put with it. So chips it was (I need a better compromise, any ideas? Shall I put cheese on the veggies like he’s a child?).
Theres one area of cooking though I never had a problem with and one I had as an active hobby as a teenager until mum banned me because I was making too much mess (hers and my version of clean seemed drastically different then). That was baking. I LOVED baking, I would always try to make different things every week and if I wanted to suck up to mum I would make her flapjacks (then after I was banned it seemed the only thing I was allowed to make). I got quite good at baking, of course though at the end of it you got a nice treat so there was definitely an incentive there. After reading a blog post this morning about Mars Melts on Make Up Wishes who got the recipe from The Londoner’s blog (click here) I HAD to make them!
Snickers melts

You see the thing is… I don’t like Mars bars. That hardly stopped me though, I used Snickers instead! I think really any chocolate bar with a caramel or nougat centre can be used (milky way melts will be next me thinks!) One little tip though when picking up the dough. Have slightly wet hands, otherwise it will stick all over your fingers and you don’t want to spoil this by putting flour all over it, and you want to roll it into a nice round shape and have relatively clean hands (seems as though mums and my version of clean seemed to have synced up after all!) You should really check out The Londoners blog, she is very glamorous, LOVES food (and yet so skinny, HOW?) and has some really great recipes (you have to go searching through the blog though) Such as a lactose and dairy free ice-cream made from bananas that’s so easy (that I actually have bananas in the freezer ready to make!) and slutty brownies I will be making for my RE-UNI-ON. So go check her out!

I may be a geek for calling our get together this weekend a RE-UNI-ON but it is! All our friends are coming back to the university town (where we still are) and one is coming across the globe! It will be the first time in 2 years where we will ALL be out together! It really is true that the friends you make at Uni you make for life, I can’t wait to see you all!

All of us!This is the only picture I have of ALL of us together. (God that pic of me is horrible, I’m practically glowing, I’m slouching, why did I think a BOB was cool? Anyways..) So I am going to take lots of pics this weekend! And yes my mateys you will all end up in a blog post next week! Mwahahaha!

This Diary post is getting quite long now…to to wrap it up me thinks, anyway back to food, I want some really easy recipes from you send me links, blog posts, (preferably a blogger who can’t cook and is learning really quick stuff and yummy, not that I’m fussy…) anyways any recommendations will be appreciated!

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8 thoughts on “Life is More Than What You Eat…

  1. Snickers thing looks niice!
    Im the chef in our house and a meal that always goes down well and is so easy is this:

    1, Choose a meat you like, for example sausages

    2, Chop them up, put in a pan and cook until nearly cooked (keep moving otherwise they will burn!) and then chop a red onion up into small bits and throw that in

    3, Splash some soya sauce over them all. not loads, do it asif you were putting mayo on chips.

    4, Then a dollop of ketchup. again, not too much

    5, Then a generous big spoon of brown sugar and a little bit of water & stir it all up.

    6, turn down heat and let it simmer, keep it moving though.

    Let it all caramelize and serve on pasta or egg noodles!

    The ingredients for this will last ages (except meat & onion) so is always a handy meal to make when you cant be arsed going shopping! You could even do veg in it which might make your mr eat them!

    Also, another quick one is do what you did with your chicken meal, but do it with steak. Instead of putting cheese inside of it, put paté and no pesto.

  2. Oooo Bex, we haven’t changed a bit, had the most brilliant weekend ever, looking forward to seeing our updated pic on here sooon hehe loves ya millions xxx

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