REVIEW – Vo5 Miracle Concentrate

Vo5 miracle concentrateOkie Dokie well most of the time when product claim to be “miracles”, “perfect” or in any other way claim to be superior I usually want to try to prove them wrong (P.S HOW are they allowed to advertise this usually “crap” products like this? In no other sector would this be allowed to happen. *Rant over*) This on the other hand proved to be TRUE!

I never see much of an improvement from serums on my hair, nothing except usually that its easier to brush (hence why I carry on using them, my hair knots REALLY easily) with this though I didn’t expect it to do anything because when I first put it on it didn’t seem to smooth my ends out at all or be any easier to brush (which I actually wish it did) also put a tiny amount on my ends seems to go against the grain when you don’t feel any immediate difference. I will now take this as a sign of luck! No difference on wet hair but on dry hair! WOW. I will be buying this product for the rest of my life now! It made my hair super soft, bouncy and impossibly shiny. Now believe me the shiny part is the most astonishing part. My hair is NEVER shiny, it’s always matte, I don’t know if people can have naturally matte hair but I do. It never shines, until now! That’s just when my hair is dried and curly when I straightened it, its SUPER shiny! I love it! I think its even repaired my ends they feel nowhere near as dry anymore and feels like it’s just been cut! (its been about 3 weeks now) It’s such an inexpensive bottle too! Its £4.99 but I got it free on Boots 3for2 on hair care (also on skincare too). Just want to say thank you to Vivianna Doe Makeup  who did a recent hair video suggesting this product. Its AMAZING.

5/5 – So great its leaves the hair soft and shiny but doesn’t untangle for knots! (use leave-in hair conditioner for that)

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW – Vo5 Miracle Concentrate

  1. I really like macademia oil products. Check them out, I bleach my hair like…a lot and my hair is still ridiculously nice. 😉 Ahahaha.

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