What A Difference a New-Skincare-Routine Makes…

skin-careProbably wouldn’t be as popular a song but still amazing to me! My skin lately was going from bad to worse to a point it felt like I was wearing more concealer than foundation, and your skin feels horrible so you pile on makeup which also feels horrible (I guess there can be too much of a good thing) and it was getting me down especially as compared to my recently 15-year-old sister, who is supposed to be dealing with this kind of thing NOT a 24-year-old, has completely clear skin! It was finally time to listen to what my skin was telling me.

I want to thank everyone as well for their suggestions! I haven’t tried lemons (I forgot to buy them, will try it Thurs i.e. shopping day!) or Murad products (skint!) but I did try what I already had in the cupboard and that was honey. Thank you Jake and everyone who had suggested it, it cropped up a few times by others as well so I thought I would give it a go. I should have really thought about it myself, when I read it I was like “of course!!” Honey is a natural anti-septic (a little tip if you get stuck back in time wounded…lol) and when your skin is full of horrible toxins its great at cleaning it all out.

What I must say is this has to be the messiest mask, I was warned it would be and i applied it with the back of a spoon (like trying to spread icing on my face) but I kept underestimating how quite runny honey is. It looks thick and gooey but it’s not! It’s quite thin and runs off your jaw if you’re not careful! However this makes it quite economical as you only need a tiny amount to spread it on your face but it not unpleasant on your face and I couldn’t stop licking my lips! yum yum! It’s a really nice cheap little mask and I used this to kick-start the healing process on my face, and its great! My skin really calmed down a lot after using this and left my skin really soft and it just felt… I don’t know relived? Can your skin feel relieved? Anyway that’s how it felt just like “FINALLY!”. It was something not just to deep down clean but to HEAL my skin, so thank you so much guys for the honey mask its brill!

I also been using my fab pore heat mask by S&G gone back to Neutrogena for cleaners and spot control and my skin is just feeling SO much better! It’s really calmed down, the spots aren’t as huge and angry and my skins really clearing! I don’t think I will be wandering away from S&G and Neutrogena for a while now they work so well for my skin but you never know… I’m DYING to try out some Liz Earle stuff…

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