REVIEW – Blinc Heated Lash Curler

blinc_Heated_Lash_CurlerOkie Dokie, I haven’t been blessed with the best lashes in the world, they’re short, don’t keep a curl and very straight! On the plus side though they are naturally black and there seems to be a lot of them but really quite annoying to work with especially when you see girls with super long lashes! I also not really a fan of eyelash curlers, usually clamps they tend to either cause a harsh bending of your eyelashes and seem to pull a great deal of them out! Heating these metal contraptions also usually require small burns near your eyes (they don’t mark but you forget how hot they are and yeah…) So I had pretty much given up on curling my lashes.

I actually bought this for the first time 2 years ago on a plane journey (was that the last time I was on a plane?… I “think” it was…) anyway I was either coming back from my sister’s wedding or Barcelona I’m not sure and I am scared S***less of flying (sorry for the language but it stresses how afraid I get) so I have to distract myself by pretending I’m not on a plane so I read the bumpf religiously and take a million magazines and books so I’m always doing SOMETHING. I also love looking at what planes sell, it always seems nicer somehow than in a shop somehow… Anyway as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it! I think I had a cheap version of this from home bargains when I was 16 but a battery exploded in it (the second one got lost, So I got a new one for christmas, I really go through these…) and ruined it and I haven’t seen any heated eyelash curlers like this since. Theres a reason I seem to keep going back to these types of curlers and thats because they work for me (and don’t hurt me!) You see with this its like a heated mascara wand you brush and hold this on your lashes for around 10 seconds starting at the bottom, So depending on how long your lashes are it goes:

Bottom of lashes, push your lashes up and hold you ten seconds

Middle of your lashes, push and hold for 10 sec (this is where mine end!)

End of your lashes, push and hold for 10 sec

I find using these I have a definite curl to my lashes that lasts with my mascara, and they aren’t painful, the only thing is they use a AA battery (make sure they don’t explode!!) and it does drain the battery quite quickly it will spend a little while being hot and then ages just getting quite warm and it slows down… and I’m very lazy with changing batteries I pretty much will use them until they DIE! Other than that I love this product its nice and light, takes a few seconds to heat up (with a new battery, about a minute with an old one!) and does the job well! If only they made my lashes longer too so people could notice! LOL.

It is quite expensive really its £18.50 for one but for me as it works I don’t complain about the price otherwise I have to suffer with straight lashes! You can find it easily enough online from their own site (click here) but nowhere on the high street seems to sell them (that I am aware of)

4/5 – A bit expensive and drains the battery but to me its worth it!

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