REVIEW – John Frieda Precision Foam light golden brown 6G

John Frieda Okie Dokie here’s the famous foam Hair dye by John Frieda I tried this a while ago and haven’t touched the stuff since. I don’t know why i picked this colour really it doesn’t suit my skintone at all, Its golden and I need an ashy colour to suit by pale skin but the range of browns only include N- Natural, R- red, and G- golden which don’t suit me, and this is when they first came out and I couldn’t find a natural shade in light brown. So I gambled.

So here’s a tip about hair dye, DON”T GAMBLE. Don’t risk a colour not suiting you if you really think it won’t! We have all done it wanted a change and ended up in hair A&E at some point or another. This wasn’t quite as drastic as that, See my hair really doesn’t hold hair dye well, I use permanent’s and if I left my hair for about 6 months it would go from dark brown to a very light brown/blonde. When I dye my hair however it soaks up the colour like a sponge. A light brown dye will turn it dark brown, just not for very long. Anyway I dyed it, I then developed my little rule of leaving the hair dye HALF the time it says when going darker as my hair always goes nearly black left on the full-time. Of course this did that. VERY dark. I used my light shampoo remedy (click here) to lift out the hair dye and after about 3 applications it looked the colour I actually wanted. It also made my hair quite red too, my hair will always be just a little bit red, some people will be convinced I am actually a ginger, my hair just likes to be a tiny bit red. However this brought it out badly and instead of gold tones it went really quite red. I know for most people it won’t do this for, it’s just me, still quite annoying as most dyes don’t do this to my hair.

I found the foam application actually quite hard to get a grip of mine went a bit too runny so it was very messy application and when it was done before I washed a lot of the hair dye out I found I had missed little round bits on the top of my hair so I had splurges of what looked like blonde over the top of my hair. I have never had that with any other dye and I have been home dyeing my hair for years! I think I will stick to my perfect 10 gel formula, I don’t think foam agrees with me!

1/5 – Really didn’t get on with this product at all! I gave it a point because I shouldn’t have really bought it in the first place!

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