Drip, Drip, Drop, Little April Shower…

water flooding

…Beating a tune, as they fall to the ground. I LOVE that song. I love Bambi. I HATE LEAKS. Now as cheerful as that tune is about rain leaks are a whole other thing! Can you believe that this week surrounds YET MORE LEAKS FROM THE SAME FRICKING DISHWASHER?

Seriously. It’s a joke it turns out that the front pike AND the back pipe were leaking because of these bloody fitters and because it was right at the back both us and the maintenance guy never noticed it so its been another week of constantly dripping down and has caused damage to 3 flats and when they complained it turned out the whole dishwasher was a pig gin mess. Ridiculous! Its got fixed (again) and tested yesterday but tell that to the other tenants. We are becoming very unpopular neighbours :/

Job InterviewHad another job interview today for a full-time job and I think it went well (fingers crossed) I got a tour of the place, everyone there seems really nice and friendly and its a family run business and they are really involved with the day-to-day running of it. It’s a receptionist job officially but divulges into loads of different areas and they are interested with me helping them with the design area as well, so its seems like a good opportunity. I hope I get it! *wishes*

sick-teddy-bearUrgghh God yesterday I was SO SICK. (that’s why no post or responses!) I discovered I have an intolerance to prawns and probably other shellfish. Its been coming on a while now every time I eat normal prawns its makes me gag, A few months ago I had Honduran prawns and it made me feels ill (but not sick) and on Wednesday I ate some and I felt fine, its didn’t make me gag and everything was fine until that night where I was so sick. before people suggest food poisoning I can definitely tell you I have had food poisoning and this wasn’t as violent as that (and no downstairs business!) and not as fancy as an allergy I have become intolerant too shellfish. Which SUCKS because prawns taste SO good! I will mourn my loss of shellfish now… I can never try lobster *sob*

OK I think that’s it for my week now! I just want to give a Shout Out to ROY, you have messaged me but I can’t reply as the email you gave isn’t working sorry! Ok now I can go back to my singing

Drip, drip, drop
Little April shower
What can compare
To your beautiful sound

Beautiful sound


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