REVIEW (& other ramblings) – Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed™ Deep Pore Detox Mask

NO clogs allowedOkie Dokie, Do you ever get a moment where you come across a skincare product you used a long time ago and for no good reason just never bought it again? This is that product for me. It’s such a shame as well because I used this to death and completely used it up! I really should buy this again.

I remember buying this when I just discovered Soap & Glory with my friend Lucina and we went on a MEGA S&G bender! We always bought different things so and tell each other how it was so we didn’t double up on stuff that was rubbish or didn’t work for us (so we could swap later, splurging and saving at the same time). I bought this among many other things and I LOVED this! It was great, It was blue goo when it came out and grew warm on your face and just really cleaned out your whole face and using this every other day really kept my skin clear for a while. This stuff really agreed with my skin, I had no reactions, it gave me a really deep clean and I used the whole tube (which speaks volumes). So why did I never buy it again? I fell into a trap I tried something I loved but thought something even better would come along and whilst searching for it forgot about what I was trying to compare it too. Stupid decision really isn’t it? Something works for you but your always looking for something better and don’t find it. Thats because I already found it, I wouldn’t keep looking for my keys after I found them would I? So why with skincare do we keep looking for something better by trying a dozen or more bad products before returning to something we loved? I blame adverts promising miracle products only to be more than disappointed by it. I would say that from now on I will only stick to products that work for me, but I know what I’m like so what I will say is I will keep a rotation of skincare products that work and trial test others for a week or so, because lets face it I’m a sucker for new products!

5/5 – I brilliant deep cleaning mask. MUST BUY AGAIN!

tre logoP.S My very lovely fiancee just brought this home for me on his lunch! Wish come true! Thank you Dandyryan!




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