I Need Your Help!

Bad skinOkie Dokie lately my skin has been AWFUL for the past month I have had spots and red dots all over my chin and under my cheekbones. It hasn’t gone away after a month and I am getting sick of it! I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup as I have been trying to let my skin breathe. I think it has been irritated by my Benefit Foamingly Clean Cleanser and I think it’s aggravating my skin as I have changed all my skincare except the cleansers (because it was the most expensive!) so I have now stopped using it.

This is where I need your help, I need good skincare remedies for aggravated skin and spot prevention! Any and all tips welcome and I will try them out! I’m so sick of having such awful skin lately!

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9 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. OK, so if we’re looking for a cheap fix, do a honey mask. (seriously) Do it about 4 times a week, it can get a bit messy but it helps improve the skin’s tone and texture by A LOT, and it’s just a quick fix in general. If we’re looking to go out and get some new products, I’d say try Murad, and get the acne starter kit. It’s about 60$ CAN (I don’t know what that translates to in pounds) but you get a full skincare routine, and two of their products contain retinol, glycolic and salicylic acid, which will abolish any ugly spots.

    Hope this helps!

      • Yeah, absolutely. I have sensitive skin too, but their products have very soothing properties to them, and the ingredients that could cause irritation, like salicylic acid, are typically encapsulated to cater to people with more sensitive skin. I talk about two of their products in my blog so far, I’m just working on aesthetics before I move on, ahaha!

  2. hi I did a post for this on my blog called is change always best check it out its called a girl wanting more . I hope it works for you it worked a treat for me . x

  3. Honestly, my skin started to clear up when I took birth control. Diana 35 helps with blemishes and is probably one of the stronger ones. I am not sure how the healthcare system works in London, but with our healthcare system we get it for free so you should look into that option!

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