The Girl in Grey

Girl in GreyIntroducing my living Barbie Doll and by that I of course mean my little sister Megan! This giant is 15 next week and she is currently sleeping on my sofa whilst my mum goes to a ball (I don’t know why, maybe she went to 18th century Vienna) Subject to ridicule and causing endless amounts of amusement at her own expense for me, she gets even by coming over here and nicks all my stuff. It’s OK I get to dress her up. Today we have gone with grey to match her eyes (and maybe turn her into a ghost!)

For her makeup I toned down the red in her cheeks by using a green concealer before putting on the BB cream and then put a soft pink of her cheeks using the Bobbie brown rose shimmer brick, used the MUA starry night palette for light grey to medium grey gradient for her eyeshadow and used a grey Barry M eyeliner to outline her eyes topped off with mascara. I also filled out her brows with HD Palette in dark blonde (not by much she has pretty prominent brows already). I then added a Bloom’s lip tint to add a touch of pink to her lips. I also dried and styled her hair (oh yeah I do it all when she comes over!) Her hair weirdly looks like it had more volume in it in real life and the camera has sort of taken it away. I didn’t put a lot in the first place because Megs didn’t want too much. (If I do it really big she always finds a hairbrush to tone it down).

Clothes nowDon’t mind Meg’s mouth here she eating liquorice! (I have to feed her sweeties to keep her quiet) As well as doing her hair and makeup I also dressed her (I told you she was a Barbie) . This is partly because despite the frigid temperature outside she still went and put on a string vest top. So I gave her a jumper I bought from Republic 2 years ago with scrunched up sleeves, the scarf I also gave her because its cold is from Accessorize bought last year and the shoes are from Primark. The only thing she is wearing that’s hers is her jeans.

You may be wondering why she has a white face and very tanned arms. I actually just asked her as the BB cream actually matches her skin and she hasn’t got BB cream on her neck, She just told me she sunbathed with a towel on her face. I rest my case.

Aww that’s it for my littlest sister! (Don’t worry I have another one to torture too!) Isn’t she pwetty? Skinny too (bitch! lol). All big sisters know that your baby sister is the funniest thing to happen in your life EVER! From when they are babies and you teach them rude words, to when they are kids and you tell them their new teeth growing in are her vampire teeth and now she can come hunting with the rest of her family, to when they are teenagers and become living dolls (which is what they always were but now they WANT you to dress them up!) Aren’t little sisters great? Not nearly as bad as Evil Eldest Sisters Mwhahaahaha!!

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