REVIEW – Sleek Flamingo Blush

Sleek flamingo blushOkie Dokie this is a blush I got from Superdugs a while ago when I was feeling particularly colourful that day. Now normally I don’t go for these bright acid shades but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone because when I looked at my blushers they seemed to all be a variation of the same shade and as it was makeup month then I wanted to get something different.

This does look like it would give you clown face and its heavily pigmented and your brush will pick up a lot of colour so it could be easily done! When applying this its really important to keep a kabuki brush at hand to buff it down. (I tend to do this with blushes anyway to give a more even finish) Heres a pick of what it looks like straight on and then buffed down.

straight and buffed down

As you can see here straight on it’s definitely going to look like a clown on acid! The buffed down one is much nicer and more subtle, it looks nice on I usually put this on when I feel like a bubblegum day and want to be a bit girly. I like the packaging on this but I don’t know what it is about this maybe because it’s quite thin, but I have dropped this thing about 50 times! I’m quite pleased I haven’t broken the blush as it’s quite a soft texture and looks like it will crumble after a while but its withstood my clumsiness. It’s got a nice mirror on which is nice for travel but it doesn’t really need it as once this is on it stays on all day so no need for touch ups! It’s a cute little blush and it was part of the 25% off in super drug if you will out the feedback on the back of the receipt (link here) so it was relatively cheap (can’t remember exactly how much it is sorry! definitely under a fiver)

4/5 – A nice shade needs to be buffed down though

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