REVIEW – Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance Shampoo

head and shoulder hair enduranceOkie Dokie my hair struggles at a certain length and trying to grow my hair super long is proving a difficult task, I have been struggling with my hair length for around a year now. It hits about 4 inches past my shoulder and then it just stops. I saw this shampoo when my scalp was particularly dry and itchy so I thought 2 in 1 maybe it will help?

Firstly it is not designed for hair growth per se but I thought anything that would help hair loss should help it grow too. (or prevent my long ones falling out) First of all its a sort of weird yellow colour and creamy which doesn’t looks too appealing (it sort of looks like cream cleaner) It’s also quite runny so when I was washing my hair I found it too runny to get properly lathered up so I had to wash my hair twice. Its not very good at thoroughly cleaning my hair and my hair would get greasy by the end of the day rather than the next day so I wasn’t too pleased with this. Actually it kind of failed across the board, I still had a dry scalp and didn’t help with it, it didn’t actually prevent any of my hair falling out I still had as much as ever coming out in the shower and didn’t make my hair grow (which is a bonus expectation really but still).I got a big bottle of this stuff and I have been waiting anxiously for it to run out (as not to waste it) but overall I wasn’t impressed and I’m still looking for that product or ingredient that will make my hair lusciously long.

1/5 – Wasn’t that great as a shampoo let alone hair endurance

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