Water, Water Everywhere…

leaking_pipeOkie Dokie, diary time again! This week has somewhat mixed feelings about it, it’s one of them weeks where you don’t know if it was a good week or a bad week and even though you have done things you kind of feel like you haven’t done anything. So I guess it’s kind of meh.

Well this week the dishwasher got replaced and fitted and I also started my new job. It’s an alright job I suppose but I haven’t really settled in yet there so when I’m more settled I will know if I like it or not. Anyway after work I return to the flat to find Ryan surrounded by water with a leaking pipe the men had just fitted. He had rung the guys and they said they would get back to him so we didn’t know if they were actually coming back that day. Ryan got PROPERLY stressed about it (when he’s stressed he’s REALLY pessimistic) and was announcing doom at every turn. I googled how to turn off the water pipe (the only water shut off valve was for the whole building) got a screwdriver and turned it off. Of course it had been leaking for well over an hour and Ryan hadn’t thought to google it, and as soon as I shut off the water the men turn up! It was literally that they hadn’t tightened the pipe properly and went off on there merry way. As it turns out the leaking water has completely flooded the poor girl below us and her bedroom walls are soaked with leaking water and she has had to temporarily move out because of us (I feel so bad!). So I guess that’s a bit bad really.

stock-photo-scratched-car-paint-with-door-handle-and-tire-out-of-focus-Last night we had a really nice meal out at Frankie and Benny’s (I have been craving the garlic mushroom calzone for like a week!) curtsey of Wade (thank you Wade!) it was a really nice night, and although its been 5 years, its the first time we have had a meal out together just the two of us. You may think that’s weird and maybe it is but I’m kinda afraid of going to meals. The last time I went for a meal with a guy was on a date when I was 18 and it was a knob-head I worked with. The meal was nice-ish but he wouldn’t talk and it made me nervous and I jabbered. Anyway the next day I went into work and everyone was whispering about me all day and laughing at me (I know really mature isn’t it? But when you live in a small place it’s constantly like living in secondary school) and it turns out he had been slagging me off to everyone he could (and he was NEW there but apparently he made a GREAT impression) about how boring I was and that I wouldn’t shut up. It was so humiliating that I haven’t been on a one on one meal since. Frankie and Benny’s is probs the most I can handle but getting really dressed up for a fancy meal… it still seems too scary for me. Its irrational I know to fear the meal but it just reminds me of that ARSEHOLE. So I don’t like them.

Anyway back to my point we had a nice meal until we drove home. Our garage is really thin and you can’t even pull in with the wing mirrors out. We have managed fine with it until last night when I was guiding Ryan in and I was waving to go right and he carried on regardless and scratched the car. Instead of then moving the car to the RIGHT to either get in or out he decided to reverse in the exact same position so the scratch would be twice as bad. It’s annoying but it’s not the end of the world I guess, we have some silver spray paint for the car when we were filling in ships from the bumper so it can be covered up.

I know it actually looking at it may seem like a bad week, but it really isn’t that bad. Ryan started his new job about 10 mins away from the flat and he LOVES it and no bloody train fares anymore! Had a nice meal, started a new job myself and getting to know new people, managed to actually buy some new products so its been nice really. The cat is also getting a BIT better behaved as well so he’s actually letting us sleep now! PLUS I got to eat a calzone! (honestly its GORGEOUS!) So it’s all swings and round-a-bouts this week.

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One thought on “Water, Water Everywhere…

  1. Rule 1 of plumbing ALWAYS (doom) triple check joints! “So I guess that’s a bit bad really” lol, just a bit!
    F&B is gorgeous. I love the atmosphere in there and the food is great. Old music, dimmed lights, and odd language tape playing in the toilets! I understand your issue with going out to dinner, Aisha used to be just like that. But it really does you good to go out for a nice meal with your Mr, doesn’t have to be too fancy though. It Leaves you feeling good for the rest of the night/week. Theres a nice F&B @ clifton moor, york + cinemas right next to it which is always good for a orange wednesday evening! Forget the guy in the past, if he was a Ripon lad, then hes more than likely gone NOWHERE in his life.

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