REVIEW – M.A.C Cine-Matics Face Brush Set

 mac cinematicsOkie Dokie I got this set for by birthday and I have finally used it enough to review them. I was really excited about these as these are the first (real) M.A.C brushes I have ever used! It was very sweet of Dad and Claire to get these for me and I love them thank you!

Claire was worried about them because when she received them the case is really long but the brushes have quite short handles. (in fact in comparison it looks like they are mini brushes) but when your using them you hardly notice the fact they have short handles but I can see how that may bother some people. The case really is very long but its great for holding all my brushes in it (but it’s quite skinny case so I can’t zip it up) The only thing I don’t like about the case is the fact its a zip case. I think for brushes zip cases are their worst enemy because as soon as you try to open the case, the bristles become tangled in the zip (much like ill-advised coats that have a fur rim over the zips, sometimes fashion DOESNT make sense) So I tend not to close zips on brush bags on a whole as not to ruin them.

In this set theres:

187 SE – a duo fibre brush – I use this for blending my BB cream when I want a really flawless finish, I know its meant for powder but I have a really good powder brush so I use this for foundation and it does a good job.

190 SE – a foundation brush – I really like this brush it gives a really even finish and blends really well and doesn’t absorb the BB cream or foundation too much stretches, out your BB cream better makes it go a lot further.

168 SE – a large angled contour brush – I don’t do a whole lot of contouring (only when I can be bothered when its a special occasion) however its good for blending the bronzer under your cheekbones and doesn’t leave harsh lines but it’s too big for nose or fiddly contouring.

194 SE  – a concealer brush – a really nice concealer brush I really like this for blending my creamy concealers. The fibres are longer than most concealer brushes which I think helps it to blend better and helps make it stretch the extra mile.

I really like the colourful bristles they are so soft as well and I haven’t had any fall out from them which is what you expect of M.A.C brushes. I really like these brushes A LOT they are so fun and cute! (and easy to spot in a makeup case!) LOVE!

4/5 – can’t fault this set for the brushes but short handles may bother some people (not me though!)

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