REVIEW – Soap & Glory Supereyes Moisturising Eye Gel

soap-glory-supereyes-supereyes-moisturising-eye-gel-15ml-Okie Dokie, This is an eye gel I used a while ago in Barcelona. I am a bit wary of using gels as I heard somewhere that gels can leave a lot of buildup and cause eye bags if overused (I have a suspicion it was one of them TV shows where they do a make over on people like Gok Wan). So I kind of bought this when I didn’t have much options to buy anything else as this was on an offer with other things I bought so I got this for free (I think it was a 3for2)

I have since then never bought it again because 1) I fear the dreaded eye bags (like the lurgy) but 2) despite RAVE reviews of this I didn’t really notice anything at all whilst using this. I don’t suffer from eye bags or puffiness, mainly dark circles and this didn’t do anything for them and I don’t have eye wrinkles yet (touch wood) and the raves reviews were mainly about how cooling and firming this was so maybe this just wasn’t the best gel for me. It is pretty cooling as a gel and when I had this in Barcelona it was nice for the heat but I never bought it again. I have creases in my bottom eye (almost like a bottom eye lid) and it didn’t do anything to firm them for me. It quite expensive at £9 really seeing as it doesn’t do that much and the pot (but you shouldn’t use a lot anyway because it’s a gel). So I’m glad I didn’t actually pay for this because it would have quite annoyed me to waste money on this.

1/5 – It didn’t work for me personally will keep looking for a better cream.

P.S. the story of the eye gel in more detail. I have no idea if this is ACTUALLY true about eye gels but once you hear it does kind of put you off them. On the show there was an older woman who was really into her skincare because she had hit menopause and her confidence plummeted because she gained weight and when she was younger she was really pretty so it kind of hit her hard and she was between giving up on herself and desperately trying to hang onto her youth. (lol I remember the whole sob story!) Anyway one big problem was her saggy eye bags despite the amount of eye gels she used. To be honest she used A LOT of this stuff she piled it on (and I mean REALLY piled it on) and it only got worse. She was told that she was putting on too much eye gel and to stay clear of them because she was just adding water build up on her eyes (gel is water based, I googled) and it soaks into the skin quickly. Creams however aren’t water based and would hydrate her skin without adding water to her eyes. She ended up having to have an eye lift as part of her make over. This is a good few years ago on some program but I don’t know whose show it was (I have an inkling on 1o years younger but I’m not certain). I have no idea if this is true or not or if the moral here is just a little goes a long way with eye products or stay away from gels if you’re a bit generous with it. I do hear from some people who eye gels don’t hydrate enough for them as they sink into the skin too quickly (maybe why she went mental with it???) anyway that’s why I stay away from eye gels, I got scared off them! I just wanted to say why I personally don’t use them because of this show I saw. I have no idea if its actually true or not and I wouldn’t suggest people shouldn’t use gels if gels work for you. Scary story though huh?

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