Sorry for the little absence of late (a pat of the hand is required) for I have been on a READING bender. I love to read though often I am not in the mood for it, so I tend to go on sprees of reading when the fancy takes me and I just go with it as I may as well enjoy it while it lasts because how long may it be before I have the time to do so?

Anyways… back to topic at hand now. SACHETS.

sachetsAs you may or may not remember but capitals on my words usually spell DOOM. I hate SACHETS. Whoever invented such things for beauty samples intended for bath or shower uses are SADISTS who want to watch mere mortals struggle with them. I have several sachet’s in my bathroom that I have never got round to using because for the simple fact I cannot open them with wet hands. I always forget until I am in the shower and at that point it’s too late (I refuse to run around my flat for scissors like a prat for a SACHET). WHY hasn’t someone invented the little plastic popper things on these? (the ones on bags of sweets, or washing stuff) so you can open and close them again? Once a sachet is open its done for, even if you don’t use all the product because it will just pour out all over when laid on its side. Or why has no one even invented one people can open with wet hands? It would be so much simpler!! So for the main part I have to remember to get scissors before going into the bathroom and that may not happen for WEEKS.

Can ANYONE get in these godforsaken things?

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