Rate, Hate or Debate?

Okie Dokie I bringing this back! I liked the one I did for July so I’m going to make it a end-of-the-month thing! I am going to pick out 3 things that sum up this month not necessary just beauty products though.


RATE – Bassetts on the go Vitamins, Maintain.

I have been LOVING these this month its a tube of 15 multivitamins in a nice sleek tube in mango flavour! NOM NOM NOM! There seriously yummy I also got 3 of them on 3 for 2 and I also got them completely free on my boots points! I like the sleek packaging for holiday travels rather than a big box but I don’t necessarily see why vitamins need to be “on the go” when its one a day… or am I missing something here?

Cat scratchesHATE – Cat SCRATCHES!

Having a hyper active kitten around is inevitable for cat scratches to occur but my cat likes the wrist area so you’re looking pretty suicidal most of the time. Don’t get me wrong I love Tovey to bits but he is seriously hyperactive at times. He has also learnt a new trick of whenever he’s bad I take him away from the situation but then he lays down and pretends he is calm and tired and as soon as my back is turned he’s running around again. So until he’s a bit older I have to put up with scratches all over our wrists. (also we have tried the water bottle but he LIKES it. He thinks it’s a game of chase)

p.s. as I wrote this he just unplugged the television.


DEBATE – Mars Bars

When I was a Kid I had a super generous next door but one neighbours that every time we saw him (which was every day) me and my sister got a Mars bar. Which is really sweet but I ended up being so sick of them I couldn’t stand to eat them anymore. So for years I haven’t had mars bars. Until yesterday when we had no food (not even bread) and mars bars were the last resort I realised. I actually do sort of like them! I mean I couldn’t eat a million of them they are still quite sickly but if they are there I will eat one. See right now thinking of a Mars bar makes me feel quite sick but if I actually ate one I probably wouldn’t mind it… weird isn’t it?

So thats a general sum up of this month. What 3 things would sum up your month?

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9 thoughts on “Rate, Hate or Debate?

  1. that kitten sounds great!…Scratches are bad though and they bloody scar. Marsbars are an odd one, tasty, but yeah, sickly.

    RATE: Rubi ergonomic seat……loving this, tiling on wheels!

    HATE: Sugar in my coffee…..weird, always had 2 sugars, now none!

    DEBATE: Facebook…im rapidly going off it! Common status update from people ” 😦 ” Someone comments on it saying “whats up?” a person replies “it doesnt matter” errrr, why post it then?? Im only on it to keep in touch with my friends in america otherwise id be a gonner i think!

  2. My month would be summed up with studies, new trainer at gym and cheat food !!! contradictory, I know 😦

    I just might try and replace the cheat treats with these multivitamins loL!


  3. I love to hear about Tovey!! Tell me more, is he living in your flat now? SO can’t wait to meet him!!

    Rate: Going on holiday
    Hate: Returning home from holiday and facing the prospect of going back to work!
    Debate: Flying, I enjoy it but with Iain in tow even I get nervous when he starts freaking out lol! So, flying, good or bad? 🙂

    Sorry I’m all holiday related, I did only get back yesterday tho surely I can be forgiven? Hehe!! xxxxx

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