REVIEW – Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm

Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture BalmOkie Dokie, This is a product I bought a while back when my hair was particularly dry and I needed something to inject moisture into it. At the time I thought overnight masks were a stroke of genius! Now though I’m not a big fan of these, mainly because you have to remember to put it in your hair in the first place and like a diet I keep it up for the first 2 weeks and everything goes downhill from there.

This was bought based on the really high reviews it got on and despite them I have quite mixed feeling about it. Now I wash my hair every 2 days and dry shampoo in between (which some of you I know will be repulsed by). My hair being quite fine it can’t handle that kind of hot styling everyday so I give it a breather in between otherwise my hair would be split to high heavens. If like me you wash your hair every 2 days then make sure you put this in the night before your shower (trust me you have been warned). You put this all over your dry hair and if you’re hoping you would be able to put a brush though this you sadly mistaken. I wouldn’t unless you want you scalp yourself, it’s really thick and gloopy on and feels quite… horrible. When it does dry, it dries in quite crunchy and in the morning it will be quite painful to brush. It is still overladen with product by the morning and needs to be washed out because it looks very greasy and no amount of dry shampoo will correct it. The hair also behaves as if you have overloaded it with gel, so it’s quite stiff, so whatever style you brush it in it will stay there like helmet hair all day. However once its all washed out your hair (it does wash out quite quickly) your left with nice, soft hair.  It does moisturise your hair really well. So I’m still on the fence if I actually LIKE this stuff. I guess if you can put up with the product overnight its quite good.

It is good for moisturising your hair overnight, but is it worth the feeling of it on your hair? I’m not sure. I won’t use it everyday but when my hair is feeling particularly dry I will.

2.5/5 – A halfway mark. Really moisturising on one hand, horrible heavy and greasy on your hair in the other.

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW – Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm

  1. Personally, I followed the instructions and didn’t use too much and woke up with a wonderful feel and look to my hair. The amount of the product is probably what effects the results the most, therefore I would recommend using only a small amount and work through your hair evenly. My hair looked healthy and felt extremely soft!

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