REVIEW – Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials Rehydrating Night Cream For Normal Skin

JOhnsons night creamOkie Dokie, this is the night cream I’m currently using and I have been using it for about 2 weeks now (I had to rotate into a day moisturiser too, seriously NO money!) . I don’t have overly sensitive skin (in my own opinion, but I also think I’m not a fussy eater and people laugh) but my skin just can’t handle most night creams. I know they are more concentrated than day moisturisers so that’s probably why but they sting my skin and as a genera rule if it stings your skin don’t use it, it’s too harsh. This however, usually limits me though to very basic night creams with no anti-ageing properties in them.

Johnson’s is a along these lines as it’s a very basic night cream. I have the normal skin one but I think next time I need the dry one. Whilst using this I find by morning my skin will feel quite tight and even though my skin is combination and get quite oily this just isn’t moisturising enough for me. The dry skin one has shea butter in it that makes it lovely and thick whereas this one does not so the moisturiser can feel quite thin. It’s a very cheap moisturiser so on a budget it’s quite nice for around £4 but if you’re looking for anything more than moisture you’re not going to find it here. On the plus side it doesn’t leave a shiny layer on my skin and doesn’t aggravate oily skin. I just wish it did more for my skin, at the minute I add my sanctuary oil to it for anti-aging properties (click here for review) but it still doesn’t make it moisturising enough. I guess I’m still searching for a gentle night cream that does more for my skin. Any suggestions?

2/5 – a gentle basic moisturiser, not overly moisturising though.

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