REVIEW – John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray

john frieda go blonde sprayOkie Dokie this little product I bought after I tried the infamous Sun-In and was so repulsed by the experience I was very dubious of lightening sprays so I was wary of buying this for a while. My experience with Sun-In was a HORRIBLE. I have a strong gag reflex and it had such a strong horrible STINK it nearly made me throw up! Also the colour was horribly brash and just wasn’t worth the SMELL! So when I wanted to dip dye the end of my hair blonde from medium brown (about 6 months ago) I knew better than to just try to dye it (as it would probably go orange). So I bought this instead for the slower method.

So For about 2 months I sprayed this on the ends of my hair and carried on with my normal routine it didn’t react badly with any other products I put in my hair and styled it as normal (blow dry and straightening). As this product reacts to heat I set my hair dryer to full heat and slowly but surely, it lightened up the end of my hair to a warm dark blonde over a period of about 3-4 months. This product is definitely effective! It wasn’t overly damaging on my hair, it didn’t dry it out I love this! It went quite a warm shade but it wasn’t brassy and was nothing a little toner couldn’t fix to turn it ashy! Sadly I don’t have a photo of what it looked like by the end but in my about me the picture at the bottom was when I was in the middle of lightening it and you can see its lighter on the bottom than the top and it didn’t give harsh lines. I really liked this and I will be buying it again whenever I want to lighten my hair again and best of all it doesn’t smell of ANYTHING. BONUS!

5/5 – This is such a cool little bottle if you want to lighten your hair and speeds up the process in between trips to the hairdressers!

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One thought on “REVIEW – John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray

  1. Hi Bex I used this too after you told me about it and I loved it , it kept my dark roots at bay and your right no horrible smell ! So I bought another bottle
    Mum xx

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