Traffic Lights Guide to Spots

Traffic_lightsThis is a guide I have used since I was about 13 reading Tweeny (not the Tweenies btw!) magazines and I came across this guide. In an ideal world none of us would pop our spots ever and not ever get picked or judged for it or just find them plain disgusting. I’m getting sick of magazines saying not to pop your spots but when you have a massive whitehead on your chin you’re NOT just going to leave it there. Unless you want a whole day of “You know you have a spot?” no amount of makeup is going to cover up a whitehead.

So when in doubt I always refer back to this guide that KNEW it unrealistic to tell people not to pop their spots. Plus you KNOW if you leave that whitehead its going to eventually explode at some point during the day and you won’t be aware you have a bleeding face. So instead I always refer to the traffic light system.

red traffic lightRED – STOP! That baby just isn’t ready yet. Never try to pop a red spot it isn’t going to end any better! You’re just going to try for about 5 minutes, make it look 10 times worst, give up and try to cover up a scab with concealer. Sorry but this isn’t a battle worth fighting.

amber traffic light

AMBER – That would be a spot  with a whitehead. This is the only type of spot that can be popped. To make sure your effective use a tissue, CLEAN hands and try to get behind spot to get it all out. Make sure you clean it all  up and don’t squeeze too hard. You don’t want a tissue full of blood!

Green traffic lightGREEN – I have never had a green spot but if you do GO TO THE DOCTORS. This type of spot isn’t normal and shouldn’t be ignored. I also want to include CYSTS in this category as well. A cyst can be anywhere on the body and it’s under the skin and it will feel like a hard lump. It may look like a really big blackhead but you should go to the doctors so they can empty it professionally (there is usually a LOT of stuff in them) and they can refill over time as well. If you find a lump anywhere on your body ALWAYS go to the doctors. It’s their job and its better to be safe than sorry!

Ok that concludes the Traffic light guide to spots. That had been stuck in my memory for about 11 years and it’s always my go to guide! Hope I helped!

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3 thoughts on “Traffic Lights Guide to Spots

  1. Really loved reading this one ! awesome guide, what is the best way to conceal a brown acne spot? I have trouble with two spots and I just can not seem to do a good job with my concealer 😦


    • Hmmm. Maybe your concealer isn’t up to scratch? I find dark spots easier to conceal than angry red ones! Revlon photo ready is a lovely thick creamy concealer but my gave for stubborn spots is collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer its a really opaque one! Ideally a product that fades these are good. I tried cliniques even better moisturiser and it’s really good!! Bit pricey tho 😦

  2. I went into Sephora to get Cliniques but the lady convinced me to try the Murad Kit ! It dried my pimples and my skin too, I am just waiting to finish of the Murad Lotion to then go and buy Clinique lotion.
    And let me try a sample of Revlon and see how it works out !

    Thanks a ton !!!


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