Where to Buy Long Legged Bottoms

charlize_theron_long_legsOkie Dokie Long Legs can be a blessing and a curse. More often than not they prove to be a GIANT pain in the arse. You’re limited to where you can shop, you need to memorize which shop sell long leg and to what size their long legs are (sadly they are all not the same) So make things a little easier I am going to compile a list of high street shops that sell long-legged Jeans and Trousers and what size their long legs are and links to the site (click on the logo’s). I’m just so nice that way…

Topshop Topshop do Long black trousers and jeans in 34″ Leg although do not have a massively big range and longer legs in smaller sizes are always the first ones to go. Sizes start from size 8. Topshop also have a tall range for 36″ legs which has a wider range than the 34″ so it sucks to be stuck at 34″ like me…

dorothy perkinsDorothy Perkins do a range of Long black trousers and jeans which is 33″. Shops seem to alternate between but its means if your 34″ legs don’t shop here as everything will be too small. Again a Tall range is available and is 35″ nearly 36″ it’s an odd one at the store inside leg seems to 91cm rather than inches which is 35.8″ so I would definitely try these on before you buy.

nextNext has quite a large range of Extra Long trousers and jeans it’s a bit of an odd setup size-wise Long at next is 31″ and Extra Long is 33″. A good range of trousers you’re not limited to just black trousers here! If like me though 34″ is your leg length your sadly out of luck here. I have some skinny black trousers from here though so bottoms that stop at the ankle aren’t too noticeable from here. They have a Tall section too at 35″.


Quite a small range from New Look they have jeans and black trousers for the Long legs at 34″ but not a huge range. My hugest variation in their range for long legs has been finding a pair of jeans in grey and black rather than denim. They have a Tall section but annoyingly don’t have a size guide for it on their website. Pretty slacking in my opinion I can’t imagine they make much sales off the tall section online if they don’t put how long the legs are (just putting over 5ft 7 is a stupid guide… I’m 5ft 9″ and I have 34″ legs I can’t imagine there are many 5ft 7″ girls are walking around with 36″ legs) . However the inside legs are 36″ from looking in store.

river islandRiver Island have lately kicked it up a gear and have a quite funky range of Long jeans including COLOURED jeans. Now you normal sized girls and your perfectly proportional legs are no strangers to coloured jeans but for us Tallies there a holy grail to find. Definitely long-term keepers! The Long leg length is also 34″ (hurrah!) So I will be picking up coloured skinny jeans from here quite soon! However not a huge range of trousers. Sadly for super long legs there is no Tall Range here sorry!

miss selfridgePretty atrocious range here. There are NO jeans for Long legs or a Tall section and an extremely small black trousers range in Long legs. Long legs here is 34″ but be warned the range here is TINY! Unless you arrive on delivery day your pretty much out of luck here!

asosOnline High Street store has a lot of brands so they sell a wide range of 34″ leg lengths here but only in jeans. Trousers seem to have been completely forgotten about here which is disappointing. There is also no Tall section here. Really disappointing.

monkee genes

Okie Dokie I’m also going to post a link back my Monkee Genes Review (click here) as I said coloured jeans are a holy grail item for long legs and here sells 33″ legs in unisex jeans. It says 33″ but I’m 34″ and they fit me just fine!

Alright then there’s my Long Leg guide to the high street! Feel free to message me with any good unique little online places that sell tall or long bottoms it would be greatly appreciated!

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