REVIEW – Mark Hill Curling Wand

Mark HIll Curling Wand

Okie Dokie this was my first product I got in the world of curling wands and I have probably used this about… twice.

Sorry for the awful picture but I’m not sure where mine is at the minute… hopefully rotting in hell! This thing was a christmas present last year,  I had wanted the Babyliss but they had sold out everywhere so this was a substitute. I feel quite bad someone wasted their money on something I actually asked for but I was so excited to use this that I used it straight away on christmas day and ended up really disappointed with it. First of off you get these little half gloves with it (only covers 3 fingers) and they were such a pain to deal with  and I burnt myself MORE not less that I ended up chucking them behind the TV (you tick me off you get THROWN!!). So they lived there for a while. Also this is a really WIDE barrel on it and at the time I had mid length hair and it wouldn’t stay wrapped around it! The barrel is also super slippery so your hair is just sliding all over it. I couldn’t get curls but I ended up with wavy hair that christmas and set off for dinner at my mums. After around two hours the waves had all fallen out! It was complete and utter rubbish. I only used it one more time later when my hair was longer to see if I had maybe judged it too harshly. I didn’t it was the same thing again it’s absolutely CACK. (to my readers across the ponds CACK means poo) Its doesn’t even curl properly and the curls don’t stay even on the highest temp setting. Needless to say this has gone unused ever since. I won’t even sell it on eBay because I wouldn’t inflict this product on my worst enemy.

0/5 – Hasn’t even covered the basics of curling

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