Things Are Looking Up, Well Finally!

Album Paramore Ahh nothing like Paramore to sum up how I’m feeling at the minute! Things are slowly and surely (well maybe not so slowly) starting to turn around! September is really looking SO much better than August and I’m finally out from under my grey cloud!

Vanity Cupbaord

As you probably guessed I have moved into my flat (It might have something to do with me mentioning it about 50 MILLION times but I’m excited!) ! It’s brilliant and I love it so much. However I had completely forgotten to show you the best part of this flat, my vanity cupboard! I hadn’t seen it looking around the flat even when I snooped in the cupboards (don’t judge me, I couldn’t help myself!) and this cupboard was piled high full of clothes so I didn’t see it properly.  I squealed with delight when I opened it and found what was inside!! Its got a light in there, little shelves, plugs for hair dryers etc. Its awesome! It’s such a cool little bonus, I know Ryan was relieved as well, he must have been worried that I would have had stuff crammed on every spare surface in our room and he would be constantly told off for knocking stuff off!

New Desk

As well as the vanity cupboard, we have a new desk! I always said when I get my first pay check I would buy a new desk or a vanity table. Both now have been rendered unnecessary by the flat and by Ryan’s crazy generous parents who bought us a new computer desk and came round last night to help set it up! I wanted a cool corner desk and Ryan wanted a hideaway so this is a perfect desk for us. It also means the very last box has now been unpacked and we are officially moved in! It’s a bit Tardis like (yes I admit I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan!) as it seems small but it’s really quite roomy on the inside. So now when you read my blog posts you now know where I will be writing them from!

DishwasherEveryone not just been sunshine and rainbows here but it’s weird how when things are turning around for you that little things don’t seem a big deal anymore. Like when we first moved in for the first few days we didn’t have any hot water, but it got fixed very quickly and now the dishwasher has gone but again we will have a new one by Tuesday because the landlord’s very quick and effective when dealing with these niggly things! They were really good about it, its nice to know the landlord cares!

part-time-jobsWell on the job front a little ray of sunshine has poked its head out… I’m not going to say where because I know company’s get a bit funny being talked about but what I will say is it’s only a part-time christmas job. It’s minimum wage and not a lot of hours but its SOMETHING at least until I get a Full Time job. At least I know I have something coming in and I will be able to get people christmas presents! I was dreading coming up to christmas and no one getting anything from me. I would have felt awful! I can also go back to Boots and buy things again… I have NO skincare left! Thats why I haven’t bothered with a wish list because its more a NEED list! Lol. Things are definitely looking up!

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