REVIEW – Sanctuary Therapists Facial Oil

sanctuary-therapists-secret-facial-oilOkie Dokie, Here is Sanctuary’s Therapists Facial Oil and I have to say Sanctuary are fast becoming a beloved brand of mine! I have tried a few things of theirs and so far I have been impressed. The first thing I ever tried was a sample of their 5min thermal detox mask that left my skin glowing and looking SO clear, that I went out and bought a little sample of toner (to see if it’s too harsh before I commit to a full size) and this. I heard so many good things about this oil and I had run out of anti-ageing serum and was on the lookout for some thing new to try that won’t overload my skin.

I can clearly see why on Boots this has got a 5 star rating and that’s simply because its bloody good stuff! It’s a facial oil that has anti – ageing properties and packed with oils such as Sunflower, jojoba, wheat germ so your skin feels so soft and plump after you use it. I love the little bottle and pipette it makes me feel like I have a magic potion or a secret ingredient, so it looks nice on your vanity table (except I wish it didn’t look like my secret ingredient is urine…Oh well you can’t have EVERYTHING).

When you use it you can apply it straight onto your skin on its own and giving yourself a little facial massage but for daily use you can just add a couple of drops to your moisturiser. It doesn’t have a strong smell which I like so you’re not going out with stinky face (especially if mixed with a heavily scented moisturiser). What I really love about it is how versatile it is. I don’t normally go for night creams as most are too strong for my sensitive skin, so lately I had been trialing Clinique’s Even Better (review coming soon) to even out dark spots on my face, and as it doesn’t have any anti- ageing properties in it so you can just add this and hey presto! Got a 2 in 1! This stuff is brilliant as it works for all skin types, lately my skin has been quite oily and this doesn’t make it worse, in fact after it soaks in my skin seems less oily which is really good! It rubs into the skin SO nicely too and blends with other products really well.

At £17.35 a bottle at Boots it can seem a little dear but honestly your using such a tiny amount each time 30ml is going to last you AGES. Mine is still well over 3/4 full and I have been using it for nearly a month and a half.

5/5 – I honestly love this, definitely will repurchase!

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