RESULTS – I Can See a Rainbow

Rainbow-hair-with-orange-bangsSorry to be so late with these results, I have been in such a tizz and a rush lately that I haven’t even dyed it yet!! (I bought the colour but not used it yet) I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote, I really appreciate it and it’s always best to get an outside opinion on this I always think other people can sometimes see what looks best on you from an objective point of view as its hard to be objective about ourselves.

Now to which colour won…. DUM DUM DUM!!!

 Light BrownLIGHT BROWN! I actually always liked how my hair looked here but since I am a brassier colour of this at the minute (faded colour) It’s not much of a change but I like it! I’m just so glad red didn’t win! (I can’t really pull off RED, red.) So now I’m going to dye my hair and I will post on the results! Thanks guys!

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