Do You Remember..?

… Highlighting wands? Maybe you don’t but around 2001 it was all the range at my secondary school, the basic concept is it’s like mascara for your hair! Along with scrunchies still being popular at the time everyone was enjoying rainbow stripey hair… Ah youth.

A bit of a blast from the past for me. I remembered it when I was considering my hair colour, and thinking about red and the very first time I experimented with it. You see when hair mascara was popular everyone went for blonde streaks. Already being a blonde at the time (13 and naturally dark blonde… Where the hell did that go??) it seemed pretty pointless. So I went for red.

I wandered down to my local pound shop (dont scoff pound shops were cool…) I bought a red highlighting wand and I pretty much went mental with it. Sadly I don’t have a hilarious picture so I want you you imagine a blonde with a bright red fringe! (not too dissimilar to the fringe above but nowhere near as nice) I had gelled the rest of my hair back into a tight ponytail (with lots of decorative scrunchies, the more you wore the more “fashionable” you were) and my step sister Harry knocked on the door. She, being nice said she liked my hair and I believed her. I know she was being kind because I can only imagine the state I actually looked! I remember how these mascaras used to feel in your hair… HORRIBLE! It dried like mascara so you hair was completely solid! I pretty much moulded my entire fringe into a giant piece of cardboard! It was intended so you can brush it out. I put so much in though I could only bounce a hairbrush off it so I washed it about 5 times as it stained it. The colour was also a very dark burgundy red so it clashed a bit with dark ash blonde hair… What a state!
When I look back I put it down to bad fashion at the time. A fad that got the best of me. I get a bit annoyed when I see teenage girls today who are a lot more savvy and not making the same silly mistakes and following silly fads. Not when it comes to beauty anyway… Come on tweenies your making us oldies look bad!! Get your act together and looking ridiculous! I would feel so much better then…lol



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